Why Wealth is Attracted to Speed in Painting Companies


Hey guys, Brandon Lewis here. I’m down in Florida looking at venues for the 2021 Painting Profit Summit because you’ve got to plan in advance when your event grows like ours has here at the APPC. I’ve been working with a very large $15 million painting client and I want to share some insights that I have discovered from interacting with very large, successful painting businesses. There’s one key strategy, one takeaway after being down here three or four days that I want to pass along to you and that is, wealth is attracted to speed of implementation and it is repelled by sloth and indecision.


Let me repeat that. Wealth is attracted to speed of implementation. It is repelled by sloth and indecision. So often when I look at painting companies, and I’ve done an assessment for around 1031 so far, what I discover is that they’re not losing money because they’re not watching every penny. They’re not losing money because they have made bad decisions necessarily. They’re usually losing money because once they realize there’s a problem, once they identify a shortfall, they do not act quick enough to remedy it.

Or if they discover that, for example, they have the wrong people on the team, they’ll keep them too long; or if their sales system is broken and they’re losing to low price competitors they drag their feet on it. They take forever to make a decision. They can’t get something to 80% good enough and then get it out the door. Instead, they spend six months perfecting it and then they kind of do some kind of soft launch and they fail to implement.

Wealth is attracted to speed and when you know that you need to do something, like communicate with your clients, go after commercial prospects, and fix your operational systems, and you drag your feet on it for months or years, the amount of money that you lose is remarkable, it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal income when the dust settles.

Finally, I want to leave this with you. If wealth is attracted to speed of implementation, dragging your feet … Apparently, we have an accident going down the road here. Dragging your feet is like money repellent. Dragging your feet is like money repellent, slowly doing things when you know that items need to be enacted does not help you. If you’ve got something that is wrong in your painting business and if you want to turn a problem into profits, you need to act quickly.

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