Who Taught You How to Paint?


Who taught you how to paint?

Was it a relative? Maybe a friend or your first employer?

When I ask owners this question, most brighten up and get excited!

They can’t wait to tell me about how they learned the craft.

Stories like… “I worked for a guy named Mike. He was an old-school painter. He taught me how to prep, brush, and roll right. Then, he taught me how to get fast. Like really fast.

Their eyes light up as they remember those early days in painting.

Painting mentors, found early in your career, can make an impact for a lifetime.

That’s why I love asking the question, “Who taught you how to paint?”

However, when I ask owners this very similar question, I get a completely different response

“Who taught you how to run your painting business profitably?”

This question gets sad and often confused replies like…

Well, no one ever has.
And… “I just kind of work job-to-job and year-to-year.
And…. “Well, I’m doing ‘pretty well’ so I just keeping doing what I’ve done for years.

Does it strike you as odd that most owners spend a period of their life devoted to learning the trade, but almost none spend a period in their life learning the business-end of the painting business?

Could you imagine what you could learn – how much more money you could make – with a mentor to help you improve your painting business? Even if you’re already doing well?

You must admit, this makes logical sense and feels perfectly natural.

Not finding a mentor, on the other hand, seems rather foolish.

If you click this link, you can read stories from hundreds of painters I’ve mentored in one way or another.

Not on how to “cut in” or “spray-and-back-roll,” but on how to maximize sales, profits, and equity in their painting businesses.

How to discover more certainty and predictability. How to get more peace-of-mind.

How to double and triple personal painting income.

How to scale past once million in sales while still hitting 30% margins.

Do you think I could help you in your painting business the way your “painting mentor” helped you with the hands-on painting?

I hope you do… because that’s all I do. All day, every day.

Open Enrollment for Fall 2018 Closes on Thursday, November 15th at 2PM Eastern. Just three short days away.

Reply to this email or call the office at 423-800-0520 and let’s talk.

I’d love to help mentor you to “paint for profits.”

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