Use High-Impact Facebook Ads to Get Your Marketing in Front of Your Best Audience


Use High-Impact Facebook Ads to Get Your Marketing in Front of Your Best Audience

Let me walk you through how to create a Facebook Custom Audience campaign so you can stop wasting your time, money, and effort on marketing that doesn’t work.



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I grew up in rural America, and my grandfather—I called him Papa—had many unique talents. He was a World War II vet, and like most folks of his generation, Papa could do almost anything with his hands. He fixed small engines for people. He repaired TVs. He ran a gas station. Of the many things that Papa did so well, he really loved to build what he called “whatnots.” He would build all kinds of things in his woodworking shop, and I remember he had this huge pile of leftover trim pieces and small pieces of wood. He would dovetail different parts of the wood together, and he would even hand carve some of the wood to add character to his creations.

Papa always told me, “Use all the wood, Son. There’s always a use for what you may think is leftover. Don’t be wasteful.” My grandfather grew up in the Great Depression, and he didn’t waste a thing. Not wood. Not time. Not energy. When it comes to marketing, we could learn a lot from Papa!

There’s a big problem with the marketing that so many people use—you end up talking to the wrong audience. I see a lot of marketers using the “spray and pray” approach. This wastes tons of resources. You try to brand your entire community, and you run out of money before you can reach everyone. Say what you will about Facebook being a place to post cat videos or to vent about politics, but Facebook is actually a great place to connect with a specific group of people. I’m talking about your past customers, your unconverted leads, and people who have used other painting contractors.

Your past customers are the people who have already given you their money, so you know they are your perfect target audience. Your unconverted leads haven’t bought yet, but they will. And then there are people who have hired other contractors in the past. You know they are consumers of your services, so they are good leads to pursue. With Facebook, you can customize your audience to target specifically only the people you want to reach with your marketing messages. Let me walk you through how to create a Facebook Custom Audience campaign so you can stop wasting your time, money, and effort on marketing that doesn’t work.

Step One: Upload Your List

Of course, to be able to upload a customer list, you need to have a customer list. If you aren’t already keeping a record of your potential clients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, stop whatever you’re doing and start compiling your list. No list equals no marketing.

Whether you maintain your customer list in QuickBooks, MailChimp or another CRM, or even an Excel chart, it is a simple matter to highlight the email addresses and paste them into Facebook. This is the beginning of your Facebook Custom Audience, and Facebook takes it from here, combing its massive database to find the Facebook accounts that match your potential customers’ email addresses. The match rate is often as high as 60% to 70%, so if you have a list of 1,000 customers, your Facebook ad will show up in the newsfeeds of 600 to 700 people. That is a very targeted campaign, and it has zero waste. Your ad goes only to Facebook users who are also on your list of potential or past customers, or who match a list you have purchased for a targeted group such as Realtors® or commercial property managers.

In case you’re wondering about the other 300 or 400 people, you won’t get a 100% match rate because some people use different email addresses for the various things they do online. While Realtors® often use the same email address for personal and business purposes (because they are solopreneurs and they want people to reach them anytime, anywhere), commercial property managers who work for large companies might not. Plus, some emails will no longer be valid. But keep in mind that your ad is in front of your perfect audience. Not one of your ads to this group will be wasted, and like Papa always told me, “Don’t waste a thing.”

Step Two: Create Your Ad—Image and Offer

The second thing you need to do is create your ad. This is as simple as finding an image of something that will grab the attention of the audience you are targeting with your offer and overlaying the picture with some text. This is where less is more. Facebook won’t allow you to cover more than about 20% of the image with text.

Here’s a quick and easy way to create your image. Display a photograph or a drawing on your computer screen and do a screen capture by holding down the Alt key and the Print Screen key on your keyboard at the same time. Open Paint (it’s in Windows Accessories) and hold down the Control key while you type “v.” This will paste your screen capture into Paint. From there you can add text, crop your image, and turn it into an ad that will display well on Facebook.

Now you need to come up with an offer. Is it VIP scheduling before the spring rush? Is it getting the ceilings painted in every room for free? Is it a free garage organizer with every epoxy floor job? Your offer can be anything you can think of that you know your customers will want. Just stay away from discounts. You are marketing to a targeted list of people who are very likely to buy your services. You don’t need to offer a discount to this group. That would be a waste!

Step Three: Set a Deadline for Your Offer

People will not respond without a deadline. It’s human nature. Don’t believe me? Just go to the mall on Christmas Eve. People have known that Christmas was coming for 365 days, yet they wait till the last minute to do their shopping. Many of your customers will do the same, so make your offer time sensitive by setting a deadline. Also, make sure that the campaign deadline in Facebook corresponds with what you’re offering to your list.

Step Four: Drive Your Leads to a Trackable Lead Page

You have some choices when it comes to where you send your leads. You can drive them back to your Facebook page to redeem the offer. You can drive them to a blog post where you write about the offer. If you don’t have the capability or the technical wherewithal to do this, you can simply drive them to the estimate request page on your website—and hope that they get there—but this will make it difficult for you to track the success of your campaign because you won’t know which leads came from Facebook and which ones came from other sources.

I strongly suggest taking the time and making a small financial investment to set up a Leadpages account ( It’s not very expensive, and Leadpages offers custom templates that you can use to get in front of your customers, track your leads, and measure the ROI for your campaign.

I’m not including the next directive as a step for creating a Facebook Custom Audience campaign because it should be a first step in any marketing campaign. Set a budget. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend to get a new customer. It could be $50, it could be $100, or it could be $300 (or more). It depends on how much marketing money you have to spend and how big your audience is.

Running a Facebook Custom Audience campaign is powerful, it’s simple, and it puts your marketing message right in front of the best audience possible. You will have an ad going to a targeted list with zero waste, and it’s so easy to implement that you can get your campaign running today. Don’t wait. Put your message in front of the people who matter most.

Whether you’re trying to close a sale, or whether you’re trying to get someone’s attention with marketing, the most important thing is not your offer. The most important thing is not your headline. It’s not the way you present the offer. It’s not how you follow up.

Here is what it is:

It’s who you put the offer in front of.

With Facebook Custom Audiences, THE WHO is about as perfect as you’re ever going to get. Try this strategy and leave me a comment. Let me know how it works for you. And if you have another way that you creatively use Facebook Custom Audiences or any other online lead generation, leave that in your comment as well. Please tell me, so we can share it with other Painters Weekly subscribers.