The Three R’s for Scoring Massive Painting Referrals

Referral Marketing 101

Hey guys. It’s Brandon Lewis here with Painter’s Weekly. I want to talk to you about referrals. So often, painters think that getting referrals is all about the spiff you use. Are you giving someone a hundred dollar gift certificate? Are you giving them cards to Walmart or Starbucks? Do you give them a bag of cookies? Whatever the thing is. People think that getting referrals is about the reward, meaning when somebody does something, I give them this thing.

I’m here to tell you that there are three Rs when it comes to generating referrals. The reward is actually the least important.

The first R is remind. You have to constantly be reminding people that you have a referral program. If you just tell them at the end of a job, if you just tell them one time and you’re the painting in your painting career and one time during your relationship and that’s all they hear, I’m sorry, you’re not going to get any referrals. If you only mention it once a year in a letter, you’re not going to get it much. You have to remind the people consistently and constantly if you want referrals.

The third R in getting referrals is recognition. A lot of people, myself included, really don’t give much of a crap about a $50 gift card. What we want is to be recognized or appreciated. Doing things like sending a handwritten note as you send them the referral spiff, whatever the thing is, recognizing them consistently in your newsletter by email and mail, making sure that during customer appreciation events that you recognize people who refer often. We teach our guys in the At Home monthly newsletter to consistently put a picture of folks in there that refer them and to list them by name, and to also recognize them by showing the giving of the thing, not just the giving of the thing.

If you want referrals in abundance, you must remind people, you must reward them, and you must recognize them, and you must do it at least monthly. If you’re doing it any less than monthly, you’re not going to have the results that you want.

I’m Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly. I hope that you drown in a sea of referrals by using the three Rs that we’ve just mentioned today. Take care.