Start Recruiting Professional Painting Employees in Winter

Why you need to be recruiting for your painting crew now - and why your competition isn't.

Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis here with Painter’s Weekly. I’m standing in front of an independent paint store in the frigid cold because I have a very important message to you, and that is you need to be recruiting painters right now. It sounds counterintuitive, and the majority of owners wait until every other painting contractor is competitively seeking talent, but did you know that now is the time to generate the highest quality leads for painters? If you’re proactive, you can start the spring with the crews you need.

Step one is you need to be aggressively building your recruitment list right now. Aggressively building your recruitment list means making certain that you’ve got messages that work in mediums that work in front of painters all over your area. That means digitally, in person, to and from, and in the paint store, referral situations, marketing back to your list, the whole nine yards. Your goal over the next 30 days should be to build a recruitment database, at a minimum, of 25 painters, and maybe even larger depending on the size of your company.

Once you create that recruitment list, you need to rank it. That’s your second step. You need to rank these painters depending on their skill and depending on whether or not you would have them in your company. Third and finally, you have to stay in touch with your list. This is the biggest mistake outside of not getting started that I see people make. And that is they build a list of potential recruits or they have people respond to ads, to fliers, to referral programs, yet they do not stay in touch with them.

Once you rank your A, B, C, D, E, and F painters on your list, you need to be in front of your As and Bs on a biweekly basis to make certain that when spring comes and you finally need them, they know, like, and trust you, feel a relationship, and feel like your company is a familiar, safe, wonderful place to work. There’s a lot more to talk about when it comes to recruiting high quality painters, but this is a great place to start. If you do not recruit in the winter, you will cry in the spring. Let’s make sure that we do what other painters are unwilling to do so that we can make the money that other painters will never make. I’m Brandon Lewis for Painter’s Weekly saying start recruiting now. The colder it is, the hotter the market. Thanks.