Reconnecting with Past Painting Clients


I’m embarrassed! I went 20 years without doing this…

This weekend, I did something I should have done almost two decades ago: I reconnected with my good friends Cory and Mitch who I was very close with 7th-9th grade.

Separated by elements like starting a family, joining the military, and heading off to college, we just lost touch. Frankly, I should have reached out sooner – but we cannot do much about the past. Better late than never…

Of course, you know me, we had to get outdoors and have some fun. We kayaked, camped, at like kings, drank like sailors (moderate, reserved sailors), and had a blast picking guitar around the camp fire at night.

These guys were a laugh-a-minute. It was like time had stood still. Now I know, I missed out on a lot of good times during our separation. It is bittersweet.

Now, let me ask you this: Who are you failing to connect with?

Could it be a family member, long-lost friend, or former neighbor?

Don’t stand for it! Be first. Take the initiative. Reach out.

In your business, are you failing to reconnect with your past clients and unconverted leads?

Do they go months or years without hearing from you? I’m not talking about the occasional annual Christmas card. That’s almost pointless and certainly timed poorly given seasonality and the busyness of the holidays.

I’m talking about real, consistent, monthly communication to the life-line of your business.

Do you have commercial repaint clients that have stopped – almost inexplicably – sending you work? Is it because you are taking them for granted? Hoping that they’ll magically remember you?

It’ll never happen. Clients move on, find new vendors, and forget about you.


Unless you take the initiative to keep the relationship alive. Unless you reach out to reconnect personally with the person who cuts the checks and makes the decisions.

We provide a done-for-you At Home Monthly Newsletter that’s mailed and emailed specifically for this purpose and it works wonders in revenue for our members.

Do you have something similar? If not, you should…

So tell me: Who’s on your list to reconnect with? Email me the names!

Then, tell me how your outreach goes and what the results are – I want to know!

Don’t be like me. 20 years is too long for friends.

Honestly, two months is too long for past clients. Make a change and make it today!