Proving Your Painting Critics Wrong


Do you have painting critics in your life? Do you have people who tell you that you’ll never make it in this industry, in this business? Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself because you’ve had years where you haven’t been able to achieve the financial goals or the personal goals that you want. I’m here to tell you, they’re absolutely wrong. Behind me, you’ll see a house that’s pretty much in disrepair, and it’s in rough shape. And it is my grandmother’s house.

It is where, and my grandfather, both of them have passed away now, and it is where I spent my youth. And behind me, to the right, you can’t see anything anymore, but there used to be a single white trailer there, where me, my mother, and my sister lived. We grew up in very humble beginnings. Unfortunately this place is in terrible shape, because there is a lien on the home, and no one has bought it. It’s been like this for a while. It sits on the side of the state road and just kind of wastes away.

And I’m here because my best friend since I was in fourth grade lives just right down the road, and I spent Thanksgiving with him. And the reason I’m here is to tell you that if you come from humble beginnings, don’t worry about it. If your situation’s not where you want it to be, don’t worry about it. The painting industry can be very good to you. I see people who are succeeding financially and otherwise in the painting industry, doing great. It’s been a wonderful boon to me and my family. Over half of my professional career has been in the painting industry, and we’re 100% debt free, cars, homes, toys, warehouse. You name it, we make a good living, and we live responsibly. And it’s all because of this wonderful industry.

You are probably only just a business system or two, or a metric or two away from being successful if you’re not. And if you’re at a larger pinnacle of success in your career and you want to take it to the next level, I promise you, there’s probably only a thing or two that’s keeping you away. Don’t listen to your painting critics, your friends, your family. People that mean well but don’t know what they’re talking about. The painting industry can take you from humble beginnings to great things.

And, as a last bit of trivia, if you look at these handrails back here, about 20 years ago I painted those. And that is only the 2nd thing I’ve ever painted in my life. And that goes to prove to you that you don’t have to know how to paint to be successful in the painting industry. I’m Brandon Lewis, go out there today, bust your hump, pick up the skills and resources you need to prove your painting critics wrong. Take care.