What Problems In Your Painting Business Really Mean


Hey. It’s Brandon Lewis here. As you can see behind me, there are lots of rapids here at the Conasauga River, because recently, it rained a lot and there’s whitewater, right? Noise, turbulence, is what they also refer to it as. It’s interesting. I work with hundreds of painting businesses, lots of owners, and I’ve discovered that the same water can flow in one business, and it can be smooth and deep just like it is right down the river here. The same amount of throughput can flow through another business, and it’s noisy, and it’s loud, and there’s constant chaos.

You see, you can process work smoothly, if you have good systems and processes in place, or you can process the same amount of work, the constant callbacks, labor overages, issues, same thing with sales. Some people close in a 20%, 15%, 25% rate overall. Others close at a 50, 55, 60% rate overall, which means that the owner has to work two or three times as hard to get the same result, so you end up with what? Turbulence. My advice to you is when you see turbulence in your painting business, when there’s upheaval, when there’s stress, when there’s anxiety, when there’s financial frustration, do not run from it.

The sound of turbulence is something you should heed and change and put systems and processes in place or gather the knowledge you need to make sure that it runs smoothly. Let the turbulence talk to you. Let the noise talk to you. When there’s noise and when there’s worry in your business, don’t just repeatedly solve those problems over and over again. Don’t just put band-aids on them. Take a step back and go, “What can I do to permanently solve this problem?” If you have one of those in your painting business, please let me know about it. Leave a comment below. Maybe I can help you figure out how to make it less turbulent.

I’m going to go about the rest of this trail. Take care guys. I’m Brandon Lewis, with Painters Weekly. We’ll see you next week.