Painting Contractor Test


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis coming to you high up on a ridge, and it is an 80% chance of rain today. I’ve got about eight more miles to go, but I’m committed to making this hike happen regardless of the circumstances, regardless of external stimuli, only what I can control.

Someone once told me that the true hallmark of a professional is when they can get the job done even when they don’t feel like it. In the middle of the busy re-paint season, there are going to be days that you don’t feel like it. Specifically, it’s not going to be that you don’t feel like finishing a project, putting out a fire, or solving customer complaint.

It’s going to be you don’t feel like marketing even though you’re booked. It’s going to feel like you don’t want to recruit and hire because you could probably slide by with the substandard performers that are on your team. You’re not going to want to make operational improvements with paperwork, processes, and policies that would completely solve the callback problem or eliminate the accounts receivable issue.

It’s the system improvements that owners are most likely to neglect because putting out the fires – even though it makes you feel like you’ve got a great work ethic – is easy.

I’m out here. I’m going to brave the elements. It’s hot. I’m the first one on the trail, picking up all the cobwebs, and you often have to be the first person on the trail in your business and in your area making these monumental improvements. Remember: a true professional, a true entrepreneur, gets things done even when he doesn’t feel like it.

What’s on your list of things to do that you don’t feel like doing? Do them this week. I’m Brandon Lewis with Painters Weekly. Go get ‘em.