Why Do Painting Companies Fail?


Hey it’s Brandon Lewis here, and if you look behind me you can see the ruins of a once fantastically appointed mansion that is out on Cumberland Island that was taken by fire. They call it the Dungeoness Ruins. And I will tell you this, as I talk to owners of painting businesses I discovered that a lot of you have businesses that are currently in ruins, once fine, productive, profitable businesses that you’ve allowed to get into a situation where you’re employing tons of people, you’ve got lots of top line sales being cranked out, but your bottom-line margins are terrible.

And one of the chief reasons that this happens is because people have a long list of things that they used to do when they first started in business that they’ve slowly abandoned as the years and decades go by. When I get on the phone and we start evaluating people’s sales processes, when I start evaluating how people generate leads, how they retain clients, so often I’m surprised to hear that eh, we used to do this, but we don’t do it anymore. And finally, it gets to the point in the conversation where the owner is reciting all the things they used to do when their business systems were at least decent. And in some circumstances were in grander, just like this mansion behind me, but they’ve been allowed to fall into disrepair.

So if you’re really struggling with your business and you’re not happy with the amount of operational errors that your painters are committing, your profit margins, or closing rates, the type of clients that you’re dealing with, I would encourage you to ask yourself have you allowed your systems in your business to fall into ruin? And if so, can you repair them? I think you can. And finally, if you just never got around to building the mansion, so there was nothing ever really to ruin, you can do it brick by brick, system by system, day by day, putting those permanent systems in place that create opportunities perpetually, and also solve problems permanently. So don’t let your painting business fall into ruins like this wonderful place behind me. Instead take care of it. Protect it. And make sure that the systems are in place that will keep it from degrading. Brandon Lewis with Painters Weekly, I’ll talk to you next week.