Online Leads for Painting Contractors – Renting vs. Owning


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly. I see a lot of things going around in our industry about generating leads online, and a lot of it is not very helpful. A lot of it is about renting to own your space online. It could be going with a lead service that gives leads to five or six other contractors. It could be being in some kind of membership site that has a gated community of users, but you’re constantly renting to own these leads.

The better thing to do is to build your own digital real estate. To invest in your own web property, and to invest in platforms such as your website, optimizing your Google My Business account, making sure that you manage the reputation that you have online with reviews, that you build up the independent platforms, Yelp, BBB, other places, your Facebook account, so that you own digital real estate that has page authority, that has domain authority, and that consistently ranks in the three pack, instead of leasing your leads.

If you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars a month, you owe it to yourself to build something you own, and to continuously build it so that you outpace your competitors. Because right now, national competitors are constantly coming into your market. They’ve got the customers here, and they’ve got their money here, and they’re trying to get in between you and the client, and they’re really successful at it.

Look on the front page of Google in your local area. Except for the three pack, you’ll see tons of out of town providers that are not painting contractors trying to get between you and your clients. If you have a website that isn’t performing, you need to put money and time and effort into it, and hopefully use somebody in the industry who’s been successful before, who really knows what your clients think about, what messages need to be there for conversion, and then what you need to do to compete locally through SEO.

Do not spend your money renting leads if you can help it. Maybe for a short period of time when you first start, but renting leads is like crack cocaine. You get addicted to it, the close rates are terrible, and they hand them to multiple contractors. Instead what you want to do is build your own digital real estate with somebody who’s trustworthy and who really knows what they’re doing. You usually can’t get that for a couple hundred bucks a month. It’s usually a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth the investment. It’s no different than investing in a home, investing in a warehouse, investing in something that has equity. Your digital real estate has equity.

If you have any questions, if I can ever be of assistance with our APPC digital services, by all means, email me, That’s If you’re not ranking locally and you’ve got an issue, let us know. Especially if you’re in a rural or suburban market, we can be remarkably helpful in a very short period of time.

Finally, the thing I want to leave you with, is that do not spend your money online renting. Always spend your money online building. Okay? Then that way you’ve got something to show for it, and you spend a little money now and you reap the rewards over and over again instead of just shelling it out lead by lead. I’ll talk to you next week.