One Big Reason Painting Businesses Fail


Hey guys, it’s Brandon Lewis here with Painter’s Weekly. I hope you like my shirt. A friend of mine bought it for me for Christmas, Tommy, my best friend since 4th grade. We spend all our holidays together.

He’s like a big brother to me and I don’t know if you know but, Polk High 33, is Al Bundy’s jersey and in every episode, not every episode, but, you know, every season, at least, he had to throw in a reference to how he scored four touchdowns in a single game at Polk High and even though he’s mired in the shoe store, even though he’s in a marriage he doesn’t like, even though his kids are disrespectful, and let’s be frank, his husbanding and parenting skills weren’t the best, nor were his business skills an acumen, of course, that’s what made the character so funny, he would always hearken back to the glory days and what he used to do and what he used to be capable of doing.

I will tell you that I noticed a pattern in business owners who are failing to achieve their objectives and that’s the very long list of used to do’s. When I get on the phone to do a business diagnostic, sales, marketing, operations, recruitment, hiring, et cetera, and I’ve done about 700 of these, slightly over as of a few days ago, what I discover is the list of stuff that people used to do when they were first starting, when they were desperate for business, when they knew that every sales call counted and that every nickel spent had to go the extra mile.

They had this big long list of things they used to do. They used to leave behind a printed estimate with lots of information about their company. They used to answer their phone live 100% of the time or have an answering service. They used to participate in networking. They used to go out and call on people. They used to send a newsletter. Are you trying to build today’s company and you’re not where you want to be and you look at all the things you used to do that you’ve now abandoned because you’re established and you’ve discovered that maybe the reason you’re established is because of all the things you used to do and perhaps your inability to get to the next level or to maintain your current income or to embellish it or to improve it is because you’ve quit doing all the things that you used to do.

I would like to encourage you this week to go back and look at the stuff that you’re slacking on. Things you used to do like keeping budgets, holding people accountable, having staff meetings, doing the sales process on site in the correct way, pre-positioning, presenting, post positioning, follow up, that’s really effective and that actually mirrors the sales cycle, whatever it is that you used to do, start doing it again. Don’t be like Al Bundy. Don’t look at your entire life as one game at Polk High where you scored four touchdowns, instead score the touchdowns today, have your best day today. Okay. Don’t look in the rear view mirror all the time, especially if you’re driving an old Dodge like Bundy used to.

I’m Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly hoping that your used to do list gets really short and your now doing list gets really long. Talk to you next week.