Matt Struggled to Put the Paint Brush Down, But Then This Happened


Even expert painters can use help in the marketing and business side of their company.  When an owner wears too many hats, it can actually hurt rather than help your business. Business coaching for painting contractors is one way to focus on what is important to help grow your business without adding more stress to you!

Meet Matt Rathgeb.

Matt was doing everything by himself and was wondering why his business was not growing in comparison to the work he was putting in. When he learned the proper marketing techniques to streamline his business, everything changed.

How are you doing everybody. My name is Matt and I’m a proud owner of Matthew Rathgeb Painting out here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And I’ve been a member of the Painters Academy since April of 2018. At this recording it is January of 2020 so I’m pushing two years. I did one year platinum membership with Brandon, which was one-on-one coaching and I’m continued to be a gold member and I just cannot say enough things about the Painters Academy and how refreshing it is that in our industry there’s something like that out there to help us contractors. Because if you’re anything like me, you might be a technician who’s a painter, who started a business and you can know the ins and outs of all the operational techniques as far as the trade goes, but need some help in the business area. So when I had decided to hire Brandon and join the Painters Academy in April of 2018, I was tired of running into the same issues with hiring and firing and really struggling myself to put the paintbrush down and get away from the day to day operations.

And I just really needed someone to teach me how to do that. I knew how to run jobs, I knew how to paint myself, but I had a understanding that I wanted to scale my business and I couldn’t do that with a paintbrush in my hand. So when I contacted Brandon, I initially did the diagnostic report, which really showcased a lot of issues that I was already having that I knew I was having, but put them into a better light for me. And after I decided to sign up for the gold membership, I figured I’d go all in. He had an opening for platinum and I dove all in and did the platinum. And at that time it was myself painting, doing the estimates, doing some administrative work, kind of wearing a bunch of different hats, which is kind of a race to the bottom.

And we were doing about 5, $600,000 a year in total sales and I was always able to maintain an incredible record online, we had a great following. But every year I was stoning my growth by not removing myself from day to day operations because we were getting leads and I would just get so backed up with the work, I wasn’t able to service these people. So I removed myself really about a month after Brandon and I connected from the day to day operations and started to run my business like an owner and not like a self-employed. I learned there’s a big difference between being self-employed and being a business owner. And that’s completely changed my business. I’m still doing sales myself, I actually enjoy it, but that’s probably my next step. We did about $900,000 in revenue in 2018 which was a big increase from the year before.

And in 2019 we accommodated about $1.3 million in total revenue. My income has literally tripled. I started to invest in some real estate the past two years. I just bought my fourth rental property, something I always wanted to do on the side. In 2019 I’ve made more money than I ever had in my life and I have worked less hours than I ever had in my life because I had the right systems in place. And the sales process… I mean everything he talks about. Right now it’s January, we’re in the winter and I haven’t had to lay anybody off yet. We’re not really booming but I would say about 80% of my work is coming from my customer list and us sending them newsletters and marketing to them and doing campaigns that Brandon’s teaching. So I have to think if I didn’t have that going for me, which is something I learned at the Painters Academy, there could be a good possibility I wouldn’t have a lot of guys working right now.

This year we’ve broken the commercial repaint world a lot more than we did previous year. And that’s been incredible for my bottom line. I didn’t understand how to find these people, market to these people, these property managers and things like that. And Brandon teaches you all that stuff. I mean, really you can’t afford to not be a member if you have a painting business because for the price that he charges for whether you’re a doing gold or platinum, for the value you receive is immeasurable. And for the first time in my life I actually feel like a real deal business owner. We are probably one of the top five companies by reputation and probably by sales this year in the Philadelphia area and that’s a lot to say. And I really attribute all that growth and the peace of mind I have and a bigger income for myself personally and for my business to the Painters Academy. And I do the weekly call, I get to talk to other members, I mean, the whole thing has just been so incredible for us.

And I’m looking forward to continued growth. I’m looking forward to the Painters Summit, which I’ll be speaking about how I broke into some commercial repays this year. And just feeling totally confident about everything about my business. I mean, going on a sales call and just being able to follow Brandon’s module to sales process to the T. And my prices have literally went up about 15% since April 2018 and my sales went up 30%, I’m closing rates at 65%, 2019 was my closing rate. And that’s with a 15% increase in prices. And that has a lot to do with having a sales process. As a matter of fact, that has everything to do with having a sales process.

And like I said, I’m just pumped up. I’m pumped up. I’m so grateful that in our industry, which has a stereotype to have low standards, that there’s something like this that really puts us in a better light as painting contractors, that we are professionals, that we can sell a professional service in a professional manner and make a hell of a lot of money doing it. And just looking forward to great things ahead. All green lights from me. Looking forward to seeing some of you down at the Painters Summit this year.

Let’s go.