How Matt Increased Closing Rates and Prices at the Same Time!

How Matt Increased Closing Rates and Prices at the Same Time!

Hello, APPC members. My name’s Matt and I am the proud owner of Matthew Rathgeb Painting in Philadelphia, PA, home of the Superbowl champion, Eagles. Still, we’re still celebrating even though we stink this year. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about module two, about the sales presentation. I’m gonna try to be brief and stick to the point about it. Prior to joining in April of 2018, Brandon’s network and becoming a member, I was doing, you know, selling onsite sometimes.

I had an inconsistent sales process I should say. I was taking the phone calls myself on my cellphone. Normally answering them, but obviously there’s a lot of situations like being on an estimate or talking with a client on job sites, that you can’t answer your phone. So, we fined tune that with the sales process, so now if you call us, if you find us online and call us you’ll get an answering service from Centex that Brandon suggest. They will take all your information down. I’ve got them answering seven days a week.

They’ll take your information down, and they’ll email me the information. That information consists of general information. Also Centex will send them the survey that’s in your module, and also a couple of other documents: frequently asked questions, a little bit about a company story. So then what happens is Centex emails me the information, and I call them back immediately.

Now I know Centex will book your appointment. Some of you may already be doing that. I personally don’t like that because I’m so busy outside of work, my wife is pregnant with our fourth child, and … I really just don’t like somebody being in control of my schedule. I don’t know what tomorrow brings. So I like to control my schedule myself.

So, that’s what’s going on right now. So it’s very professional, I get a lot of good feedback about that. Then we do the autoresponder, predisposition emails. I’m doing that myself right now. Again, I know Centex does that, something I actually enjoy doing, and I’m taking care of that on my own as we speak.

So by the time I get to the person’s house, which is normally within a 48 hour timeframe, we’ve already made contact with them numerous times, we’re already ahead of the game with asking them the questions in the survey about their children, the year their house was built, all sorts of really just basic stuff that is not basic in our industry. I mean most guys are just not answering their phone, and if they do, they’re not asking those questions.

So by the time I get out there I already feel like I’m ahead of the game. I show up in this shirt normally, where I have lots of tattoos. Sometimes in the winter I wear buttoned-up shirts. And I have my truck, which is a 2010 sales truck that I use, it’s a little Ford Transit, like a little go-cart van that’s fully wrapped with our company logo.

When I pull up, some of the things I’m doing now I was doing already. I have a Sherwin-Williams decorator’s bag that I have here. It was a gift from them. I took the color charts out of it and made it mine.

And what is in this bag, it’s a briefcase basically with a Sherwin-Williams logo on there, that they really can’t see anyway. But I have my Bosch measuring digital laser, which for years I’ve been getting compliments on this from my clients. As simple as this is, I mean, guys aren’t using that. They’re just writing down notes, and it looks like they’re making a guesstimate.

Sometimes, a lot of times actually, the measurements are not really relative to what the price is going to be, doesn’t have a 100% everything to do with the dimensions, but it always looks professional. So I use this a 100% of the time whether I’m taking the measurements or not.

I have our flip-book, which is in the back right now. I’ll have to show you that at a later video. And then I have … I walk around with the client, when I get there we go over the survey, I introduce myself obviously. We go over the survey, I ask them if they have any further concerns or questions. Then I ask them to show me the scope of work, we walk around.

I have my clipboard with pieces of paper that Brandon gives ya. It has documented sheets about measurements, customer’s name, what rooms we’re doing, everything’s already pre-scripted. Makes it easier for ya. I take the measurements. After I bond with the client, I go around and I ask for permission to take measurements and tell them I’ll meet them back at the kitchen table or the dining room table.

And while they’re doing that they’re going through the flip-book that I leave there, which is in the back. And then also I’ll go out into the van. When I’m done, I’ll say, “Can you give me give minutes?” I’ll go out to the van, and while I do that I leave behind this book, which is the binder book, which I have my logo on.

And this is just filled to the brim with tons of stuff about us, some pictures of us in the community. Here’s a picture of us saying a little morning prayer one day, some pictures of our vans, tons of awards that we’ve won, better business accreditations, just tons of content about us. Interior painting before and after pictures, this goes on and on and on. Exterior customer testimonials. I have two different ones, one’s for commercial, one’s for residential. And people love this thing, I mean, it’s unbelievable how much good feedback I’m getting.

So I go out to the van and then … I’m gonna move this real quick … while I’m in there I’m actually using PEP Cloud to send them an electronic bid. If anyone’s not familiar with PEP Cloud, it’s an awesome software system that’s completely made my bidding process so much easier, it looks so professional. Look into it, it’s very cheap, and it’s really changed my business.

But also I send them, which is a seven page electronic bid, more information’s on there, our insurance, things of that nature. But also I print them out a one page, portable printer I carry in my truck. It was a 100 bucks. I print them out, it takes me two seconds. A one page proposal. It’s not as detailed as the electronic bid, which is in their inbox, but it’s something that I stick in the post packet which is just a folder in the post packet folder.

I had documents, it’s in the back, but I have documents in there that has, again, the documentation checklist, it’s in your module. It’s the first thing behind there. What to look for when you’re hiring a painting contractor, our state license, our city license, our workers’ comp certificate, our liability certificate, tons of awards that we won, testimonials from our clients. I have a thing from Make-A-Wish, we do some work for Make-A-Wish Foundation, that’s in that folder as well. The post positioning packet I’m talking about here, that has things that we’ve done for them, the thank you notes from Make-A-Wish. Thank you notes from a school in north Philadelphia for volunteering to paint their school for free. Tons of stuff like that, just to constantly build bond and rapport with the customer. Make them feel at peace, that we’re the right company.

And again, all this stuff really comes down to, in my opinion, is just that we’re smashing home to the customer’s mind that we’re legit, we’re a 100%, they’re seeing the same stuff. Between the flip-book, between the survey that they’re getting, from Centex that sends it to ’em. From the binder, I mean, it’s more of the same stuff, over and over again. Reviews, in most cases they’ve already read these reviews online. But we’re just constantly hitting home to ’em, hitting home to ’em that we’re the real deal.

And I’ve actually raised my prices in the past 30 days. My PEP Cloud also tracks your closing rates, another awesome feature in there. Last month I was half-way implementing this process and my closing rates were 47%, which was pretty high actually. This month, I’ve raised my prices, in September I’m talking about, 10% at Brandon’s suggestion, and my closing rates were actually 52%, which is pretty high. We’ve always been around a 30, 35% range, and that’s with raising your prices 10%.

So, if you’re discouraged about the process, ’cause I kinda was too, I’m not a real administrative person. I hated getting the documents together, so I ended up getting some administrative help to do that type of stuff for me. I’m an on-the-go, high energy guy. So it’s simple as it was, when I finally got through it and for a little while I was doing everything but the post packet, and I forgot about the post packet, and Brandon called me out on it.

But now, it’s in full implementation and I can’t even begin to tell ya about … I told you about the closing rates already, higher prices, better closing rates. And to be honest with you, just more confidence. It’s rejuvenated my spirit. Being a painting contractor, being in sales, sometimes you’ll get boring, driving around looking at these jobs, but now I know I’m going in there knowing I’m a 100% confident that we’re giving that client all we got, whether we close the job or not.

It just all that better. So I’m happy to be a member, and you’ll definitely be hearing back from me about some stuff as we progress. Thank you.