Marketing and Selling Painting Services to Ladies


Hey it’s Brandon Lewis here with Painters Weekly and I’ve got some pretty exciting news in my world. I’m having another girl. We did a gender reveal this weekend and it was super exciting to have everybody here and to find out that we’re going to have yet another addition to the Lewis household that is of the female persuasion.

And what I want to talk to you about today is that we have to market and sell to women differently than we do to men. And I’m going to say some things that might not ring politically correct but I think it’s really important that we have this discussion.

Number one, the first thing you need to know is that we are in a male dominated industry. And by male dominated I mean it is remarkably male dominated. Male dominated to the degree of about 97% in business ownership when I look through my list and look at gender. And of the remaining 3%, most of those ladies, not all but most, are in partnerships with their husbands running their businesses. And so they’re working hand in hand as a team. So most people in ownership roles in our industry are men. And I’d say probably 95% of the people in the field are men.

Now women have unspoken concerns about people being in their home and in their offices because we are in an industry that has a pretty rough reputation for a reason. There is a lot of history in our employment of people that have had felonies, drug abuse and just the general lack of professionalism. That’s why we have this reputation. And we can either ignore it or we can address it directly. People worry about who’s coming into their home. Will they physically be safe? Will their property be safe? Will their daughters be safe? In a male dominated industry where you hear reports in the construction and trades industry and home services every year of sexual assault and of property theft and of people casing houses.

So I’m going to tell you that when you’re marketing and selling your painting services, in particular to women, you need to make sure that you have a background check program in place. Number one, it is absolutely the right thing to do to protect the ladies in your business and the ones that you serve from people that might not have the best intentions. One of the easiest things that you can do is spend a few bucks, $25, $50, whatever it costs to go and have a background check done on every single solitary one of your workers for anything that you feel that would disqualify them for employment. And I’m gonna say that in most cases those are felonies.

And you may say, “Well, Brandon, I believe that everybody deserves a second chance. That’s not my responsibility.” Number one, that’s not your call to make. You need to screen your painters and if you want to give people second chances, that’s great. But you need to give that second chance decision to the homeowner.

Number two, when you background check your painters, you can use it in your marketing. And when you use it in your marketing it increases conversions in all mediums, print, online, digital ads, Facebook ads, on your website conversions. And when you use it in the sales process, it also increases conversions at sale. And you can put third party documentation in there that you do this.

So women have concerns, they are exposed to dangers in many ways, in a male dominated industry that men are not. And you need to be cognizant of that and you need to take extra steps to make sure that you protect the ladies that you serve in their homes and in their office by background checking your painters. And once you do it, not only is it good for business, your family’s business, your business, your peace of mind, it’s good for them. And once you start doing it, you can sing it from the rooftops to watch your conversions in marketing go up and to watch your conversions in sales go up.

So let’s protect the ladies in our lives and let’s do the right thing by background checking all of our employees that come into contact with our clients, especially ladies. I’m Brandon Lewis with Painters Weekly, and until next week, keep growing your business, keep everybody safe. Talk to you soon.