Why Low-Priced Painters Keep Beating You


Are you being beaten on a weekly basis by low priced competitors who aren’t as professionals, who aren’t licensed, who do not look after the customer’s interest…and who may even have an intention of taking a check, taking a deposit,and running? You’re better than them, but they’re beating you on price.

I’m Brandon Lewis with Painters Weekly, where we empower painting contractors to become successful entrepreneurs. Let me ask you a question, is this frustrating you, to be beaten, even though you know you offer more security, more honesty, more predictability, better skills? But there are low priced people beating you constantly? Well, let me first tell you it has nothing to do with your price. A little bit, but not much. Right now in your market, there are people cutting hair for $40, there are people cutting hair for $400, there are people driving Kia’s, there are people driving Lexus’s. It’s really not about the price. What it’s really about, is that most sales systems that painting contractors use fail to address the most important concerns of the homeowner, or of the business owner. In fact, most of the time, we don’t even bring them up. Most of the time, we have been painting for so long, we’ve stopped thinking like the customer.So, I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down what you think the biggest fears are, the worries and concerns that your customers would have about having a painter, especially with our reputation being what it is in our industry, with a painter coming into their home, their private home where their most valuable possessions and people are. What concerns might they have? List them out, I’ll give you a few. You can think of others. Can I trust you in my home with my wife and daughter, while I’m at work? That’s a big concern that a husband is going to have. How are you going to protect my most valuable items? And then finally, how were the painters in your company screened? How do I know that they are trustworthy? How do I know that I can feel safe with them in my home?

There are lots of others, I can list these for hours, but those are three really big ones. You can think of others. Take out a piece of notebook paper, just like this one, and list out all these concerns and worries. Think about what you would be worried about if your mother was having a painting job done, an elderly parent, a young attractive daughter, not to be sexist, but we’re in a male dominated fields, and these are concerns. Read the papers okay? Let’s be honest about his.

What issues, concerns would you have, and then the big question is this. If you’ve tuned out, tune in, you think this is simple. Ask yourself this question, am I directly, with words on paper, through emails, in letters, through sales presentations, with my own words, with leave behind marketing materials, am I addressing these concerns directly? Not letting them infer because you’re professionally dressed or because of your reputation that they know these things. Are you directly addressing them? If you are not directly addressing them, that’s why a low priced painter is beating you, because you’re not addressing it, he’s not addressing it, your estimate system looks just like his estimate system, nobody is talking about the big fears, worries, and concerns that the customer has. So they look at your price, they look at his price, they can’t see any difference in your estimating system, your sales process, and they just go “Eh, they look about the same to me. Let’s go with the lower priced.”

I promise you, if you will begin addressing these concerns directly, and as a bonus we’ll talk about this later, providing proof that what you say is true, then you will succeed and you will watch your closing rates climb, and you can raise your prices simultaneously.

I’m Brandon Lewis, with Painter’s Weekly. Do what I’ve asked you to do, write out these sales killing absences, these sales killing omissions in your sales process, get them addressed, get them directly addressed in paper and print and word and sales processes. Work it into your company. If you do this, in your sales presentation, I promise you you will make more money, you will close at higher rates, and you will send the low priced painters packing.

Until then, go get ’em!