Where Are Last Year’s Christmas Presents?


Hey. It’s Brandon Lewis, and I’m here in front of the house. We decided to do a little decorating this Christmas. I apologize for the noise. We live very near an urban center. Sylvia’s six years old and she really wanted us to take the outdoor decorations to the next level. Frankly, I’ve been pretty skimpy and lazy about it in years past, but I can remember six is about the time I really start remembering Christmas from my own childhood.

Let me ask you a question. Where are your Christmas presents from last year? Did you know that the average American, not the household, the average American reports that they will spend somewhere between $900 and $1000 on Christmas this year. Where are those presents, maybe even the ones you got? Are they in a drawer somewhere? Are they on a shelf? Are they tucked away in a closet? Did you re gift them to someone else? Are they collecting dust? Will they have to be thrown in the garbage or given to Goodwill two or three years from now?

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Chances are for a lot of you, if you’re like me, the honest answer is yes. Let me ask you. If the average American spends $800 to $1000 on Christmas in a given year, how much will you spend? Now, follow-up the next question. How much will you spend on improving your painting business? How much will you spend on things that will actually return an investment for you, produce more income in the upcoming years versus depreciate in value, versus sit in a shelf, versus maybe even consume your time in a way that’s not really that helpful that could possibly even be wasteful?

I would like to encourage you, as you go shopping this year, to ask yourself, “Is there something that I need in my business?” It could be a skill set. It could be a particular piece of knowledge. It could be some type of software or system in your business that could improve it. Maybe just something for yourself that would make your work more efficient or enjoyable. When you’re spending all this money on things that are fun, don’t forget to spend a few dollars on the things that can help you earn more dollars next year.

And if you’re looking for a tax deductible getaway, if you’re looking for something that could be a lot of fun and greatly improve your business, I would recommend to put on your stocking stuffer list a couple of tickets to the 2019 Painting Profit Summit right here Chattanooga, Tennessee, because it is a tax deductible vacation and a wonderful tourist friendly, highly rated and recognized city with wonderful hospitality.

So, what are you gonna spend this Christmas on gifts? What are you going to spend on making extra income, generating more time and more happiness in your business in 2019? And, is there a little bit of room to be more efficient with either / or? Last year’s Christmas gifts, where are they? I don’t know where many of mine are. Maybe you don’t know where yours are. Maybe we put our money toward things that will generate greater prosperity, predictability, certainty and equity in 2019.

I’m Brandon Lewis with the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and Painters’ Weekly, and I’ve also included a quick registration link below this video if you’d like to check out the 2019 Painting Profit Summit before the room blocks expire with the discounts December 29th. Don’t miss that deadline.

Talk to you soon. Merry Christmas.

The Gift That PAYS You Back!
Learn More: 2019 Painting Profits Summit!