Keep Painting Pirates Out of Your Client List


The hardest thing you will ever do in your painting business is turn a complete stranger into a satisfied client. Yet every spring, owners allow the “Painting Pirates” to commandeer relationships that took decades to build.

Don’t believe me about the difficulty of building your client, prospect, and referral list? Consider this…?

I could parachute into your local market and start a painting business… tomorrow. I would have a crew of three within a week and a van stocked with all the equipment I needed. Instantly, I could begin marketing digitally, through direct mail, canvassing, and B2B sales.

In ten days, someone would say YES to my first proposal. In many ways, I would be on equal footing with you within a month or so, except for one: I could not instantly recreate a list of hundreds or thousands of people who had done business with me.

I would not have direct access to people that know, like, and trust me. In that regard, I would be YEARS behind you. And if you are smart, you’d never let me catch up to you. But so many owners throw their only real competitive advantage in the trash – their relationship with people.

You see, the process of building trust is slow and expensive in residential.

In commercial repaints, identifying the decisionmaker, setting your first appointment, writing your first proposal, and closing the sale can take months… sometimes over a year.

Establishing a B2B referral relationship that’s productive can take months to build.

How many times have you driven by a home or business you painted and found another painter on-site? A “painting pirate?” How many times has a former client told you that they “Just had their house painted…” but it wasn’t by you?

If these people are the source of our profits and equity, why do we leave them so vulnerable for the taking? Why do we neglect to communicate with them regularly? Why do we wrongly assume, “They’ll never leave me for another painting contractor?” Bull… they will and they do.

No more! Use your At Home Monthly Newsletter to build a fence around your best clients and partners – and keep your competitors in the outer darkness… where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Reactivate your unconverted leads and commercial contacts so “painting pirates” can come in and steal what took you years to build.

Use Facebook custom audiences, mass text, Slydial and any tool at your disposal to stay close to your “treasure.” Don’t let the painting pirates take them. Stand your ground.

If you need help learning how to do this, simply email our offices at or call 423-800-0520 and ask to set up a free Business Diagnostic Assessment and Strategy Session.