How to Get More Repeat and Referral Painting Leads


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis here, and I’m at Las Vegas, and behind me you can see a ton of slot machines, people very diligently throwing their money away here and having a little fun in the process. Let me ask you to imagine something. Imagine that inside of this casino where there are thousands, I would say, of slot machines, imagine that you pulled the handle on every one of them at one time. You would probably win something. What if you pulled that handle two times, three times, ten times at every single, solitary slot machine? Chances are, you would win something.

So one thing I want you to think about as we’re heading into the spring is that each of your potential clients, unconverted leads, and past clients represent an opportunity to win. If you’ve got a list of past clients and unconverted leads that total, say for example, 500 people, every time you run them through a marketing campaign with mail, email, phone, and text, you get to pull the handle on 500 slot machines four times, and chances are, you will generate a significant profit.

So often we take these names of unconverted leads. We take these names of past clients, and we never communicate with them again, because we do not realize that each individual client represents a potential jackpot of payday. So when you’re reaching out through your marketing efforts to people in your community, please don’t forget the folks that have bought from you previously. Please don’t forget the folks that requested an estimate but didn’t purchase. I promise you, there’s a big payday there for you if you’ll walk them through that type of focused, sequential campaign.

I’m Brandon Lewis here at Las Vegas with the Painters Academy and Painter’s Weekly saying I hope you win big this spring. Take care.