How Content Affects SEO and Ranking for Painting Contractor Websites


Hey, guys. It’s Brandon Lewis here with a quick tip. We’re down here on a marsh tour in South Georgia. And the way that we found this expedition company is because we wanted a marsh tour. And of course, Google serves up. We think that this would be a good site to visit because the website mentions marsh tours.

So often, when I look at painting contractors’ websites, there are beautiful pictures. There are fantastic photos of projects, great color schemes, but relatively few words or articles developed to, or devoted to rather, a specific keyword.

You want to have of at least 500 to 800 words of content, anchoring every one of the major keywords that you’re after. When you type in a search into Google, you don’t search with a picture, you type in words. When it serves up results, it does not serve up pictures. For the most part, it serves up text.

Google and search engines are still very, very focused on words. So make sure that you have yours and you can differentiate their content matters. If we can help you with that, let us know, but make sure that you’re adding content for specific keywords all the time. Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly, talk to you next week.