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Looking for a free painting contractor magazine to help you in your house painting or commercial painting business? Please, read on…

Painter’s Weekly is a free magazine for painting contractors and house painters that will help you solve these painting problems and others:

#1 – Finding Professional Painters Who Actually Show Up On Time and Do Quality Work

#2 – Beating Low-Priced Competitors That Are Constantly Stealing Your Business

#3 – Preventing Winter from Draining Your Savings Account and Wrecking Your Crews

#4 – Keeping the Cash Flowing So It Just Doesn’t Disappear to Painters, Paint Stores, and Overhead

#5 – Plus Other Powerful Money Making and Management Strategies!

Painter’s Weekly is a free, digital publication from the APPC delivered each week via email and/text message.

It’s exclusively dedicated to helping you solve your toughest business problems through hard-hitting, practical, and actionable videos, audio, and articles. It’s designed to be helpful for painters “on the go.”

To receive your free subscription to Painter’s Weekly, simply request your free copy by CLICKING HERE.

It will be delivered to you by email and text as my free gift to you!

I hope you’ll use the strategies and tactics found in Painter’s Weekly to grow your painting business into the company of your dreams!

Your Friend in Painting Profits…

Brandon Lewis
Publisher, Painter’s Weekly
Founder, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors