Hiring a Marketing Coordinator for Your Painting Business


Hey it’s Brandon Lewis. And during the busy, hectic repaint season, like right now, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed by things to do, and to try to do more and more of it yourself, and to work longer hours, or to let things fall through the cracks. I’m going to encourage you, as you move into the busy season to consider hiring a marketing coordinator.

What’s a marketing coordinator? A marketing coordinator is someone that can come in, for as little as four to eight hours a week. To help you catch up with routine marketing, and some administrative activities. Actives could include following up on all of your unconverted estimates, making sure that they get called, text messaged, mailed a postcard, and also followed up by email because you’re too busy. It could be running a referral route to your local paint stores, other home service companies, and realtors. It could be helping you get out your monthly newsletter by email and mail, to past clients and unconverted leads.

Additionally, you can give people things to do, such as running reports for a save labor bonus program, for getting out what little accounts receivable that you should have in our industry, especially if you’re a re-paint contractor, or it could be running reports for close rates, meetings. Anything like that, that could take eight hours’ worth of work off of your plate.

There are three things that you really need, to be effective at this. Number one, you need a good job description that tells exactly what the marketing coordinator will be doing, in no uncertain terms. Number two, you need to recruit through all kinds of mediums to make sure that you have a good pool of applicants. And finally, you need to put together a nontechnical and a technical skill’s assessment, so that you know that the person has the skills that they proport to have, both working with the team, and working with clients, and working in Excel, Microsoft Word, MailChimp, Constant Contact whatever it is that you’re going to have them doing.

That simple investment of eight hours a week. Someone that could be a stay at home mom, or a college student could open up a world of opportunity to you from a financial standpoint. Generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, and buy back eight hours a week from your schedule. Now instead of working 50 hours, you’re working 42.

These are things that you need to be thinking about during the busy season. Could you do it better yourself? Yes. Is it going to take some time to train them? Absolutely. But in the end, it will certainly be worth it.

I’m Brandon Lewis with the Painter’s Academy and Painters Weekly saying go out, find a marketing coordinator, grow your business, and shrink your working hours. Take care.