How to Grow a Painting Company Fast


How is it some start ups do better after four months than most painters do after four years? Frankly, it’s all about what you know and what you do – and it has nothing to do with the technical skills of painting.

Trent shares his story in this recent video that I was surprised and excited to get last week.

In Trent’s Own Words:
“Hey Brandon it’s Trent from Smokey Mountain Paint, I just wanted to drop you a quick testimony. Just got in from a long day today, bounced around from a couple of jobs, really staying on the guys and making sure the hours were there. Managed to bid three jobs today as well, so it was a great productive day. Another long day, but a great day.

“From the conference call, I’ve kind of told you guys how everything went and I was actually a little off in what I said. I wanted to drop you a quick video and just let you know how June went. So I’ve got some contracts in my hand that I’m gonna show you and put the proof in the pudding, just let you know how it all went down.

“I got to tell you I’m so ecstatic and thrilled, that’s why I wanted to give you a testimony, if you want to use it or anything like that, that’s perfectly fine with me. But here we go, let’s go over them.

“So, here’s one right here for $3,800 bucks, I think the lights a little off on that, $3,800 dollars. Here’s another one for $4,000, you can see I got a little writing stuff up there, I like to put on there when I win the job and just a little information, throw it the folder and get it in the books. But here’s one for $4,600, so here’s the big-daddy of the group right here, biggest job so far and great profit margins, we just finished it not long ago and absolutely thrilled, $14,000 on that one.

This one was for $3,200 bucks right there and this one right here was actually right at the end of the June, before the call and it was from a neighborhood blintz campaign. I’ve really been trying to hammer down on them lately, especially since I talked to Mike and he kind of opened my eyes that I need to double-down on what’s working the best. But, there’s $9,900 bucks on that one and that’s from a targeted affluent neighborhood of course, it’s gonna be a great job, we should be starting it next week. But, here’s one for $2,700, we just finished today, nice good little job and last but not least, this couple wanted the interior and exterior done and it was for $6,000 on the exterior and $3,500 on the interior. And so, I was actually $1,700 bucks off from what I told you guys, I’m sorry for fibbing.

“But here is the grand total, I added it for you for the month of June, it was $51,700 bucks. I’m telling you, I’m a firm believer that if the student is ready, the teacher will find them and if anybody out there’s questioning price or maybe they’re doing something half-assed, or they’re not doing all the pieces of the puzzle. This is just speaking to other people that might possible watch this, just follow the systems, just do it step-by-step. Just do it how he says it and just put in the work.

“If I can be at the infancy of my business, of course I painted for seven years, I knew all about painting before. It’s not like I didn’t know the industry, but I knew nothing about great sales processes, I knew nothing about multi-level marketing. Just all the systems, I’ve just taken form other great paint companies, from other owners that are in the program that have just helped me out. Like Mike from Absolute Painting, he gave me so many resources and just immediately implemented them.

“As long as you’re willing to put the work in and if you’re questioning whatsoever, don’t, ’cause you’ll make you’re money right back. I made my money back and excuse my French, this is no bullshit, two weeks after I bought the course, already paid for itself for the full year, already paid for itself.

“So, if you’re questioning this, just don’t, just get out there and hustle guys. And you have a great evening Brandon, I just wanted to thank you again, man. I’m ecstatic and I’m tickled to death and I can’t wait for what the future holds. Have a great evening, bye.”