Fall 2018 Open Enrollment “Sneak Peak”


Hey it’s Brandon Lewis. Since you are a Painter’s Weekly subscriber, I want to give you a sneak peek before the official announcement about Fall open enrollment 2018.

Heading into the winter, if you’ve got issues in your painting business, when you look at your year to date for 2018, and if it’s not where you want it to be, in income or in sales, that doesn’t mean that in the last days of the final quarter of this year, you can’t finish strong. And if you will look above, there is a sneak peek letter that I hope you get to read that is about Kevin.

Kevin is the epitome of the typical painting contractor I work with. Some parts of his story you may not identify with, other parts you may identify with perfectly. But he has all of the struggles. Below this page, just click the link that you’re typical painting contractor has. Such as flat launch sales, stall profitability, inability to break into commercial repaints, struggles with hiring, losing jobs to low priced competition. You name it.

The typical things that our trade really struggles with and I hope you read that story and I hope it resonates with you. Because now through November 15th 2018, we’re going into open enrollment. And to get your free 60 minute diagnostic call to unpack where the hidden gems are in your painting business for profits, personal time off, greater equity, more certainty, more predictability. All you have to do is reach out to our office and the information is in the link below.

You can talk to Jennifer, you can email me directly or you can call the office, or just go straight on and fill out your diagnostic for Fall 2018. It’s up to you. But Kevin started off in a bad way, with sales that were flat lined and with issues related to a very competitive landscape, struggling with labor, you name it. But in a short period of months, we were able to triple his income and completely transform his life. Not because I’m a mad genius, not because what we do here is some kind of top secret example of what you can do that no one else has or knows about. Although in some aspects, I would say we do.

But so many painting contractors just like Kevin are sitting on a goldmine. I mean, just sitting on it, day after day. And either the ability to raise prices, increase sales closing rates, tap into past clients, go after commercial, finally ramp up with the type of painters that they need to grow their business. Whatever it is. And heading into the winter, if you are worried about how you’re gonna keep your crews busy, how you’re gonna keep income coming in, or if you just want to prepare during the slow season for the best 2019 ever and be proactive. Anything that you’re looking to do by all means, reach out to me. I’d be happy to talk to you about your particular painting needs in your company, just like I have over 838 business diagnostic calls that I have done over my career here at Painter’s Weekly in the Painter’s Academy.

So this isn’t a really a formal announcement, it’s a sneak peek. You’ll be seeing more about Fall open enrollment. But if you want to get in, you definitely got to do that before November 15th if you want to have time to really take advantage of the time before it gets really cold in your own painting business and to make sure that you get the discounts.

So if you’re interested at all, reply to the email that I just sent you.

Click here, read Kevin’s story or just reach out to the office. 423-800-0520. If you’ve reached a point in your career where you really wanna make a difference in your business, if you’ve missed open enrollment opportunities in the past because you just couldn’t get around to looking at the material during the busy season. Now’s the perfect time to change your business, and when you change your business, I promise, just like Kevin, you’ll change your life.

I’m Brandon Lewis with the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and Painter’s Weekly. I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek for open enrollment 2018. And I hope to talk to you very soon.