Estimating Tips for Painting Contractors from Disney World


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis coming to you live from the Magic Kingdom. The family and I are here at Disney World. We celebrated mother’s day yesterday, and man, there are some long lines, and many of the rides, frankly, aren’t any better than your typical amusement park. And often, the roller coasters aren’t as good as theme parks such as Six Flags. However, the show is impressive. Many painters think that when they go out to do an estimate that it’s about price and scope and paint. It’s about the show. What do you do when you answer the phone? What do you do for prepositioning in advance of arrival? Are you gifting? Are you telling your company story? Are you dressed appropriately? Are you going the extra mile to demonstrate diagnostic competence and professionalism?

At Disney they can separate you from more money per day than any other tourist attraction in the world including Las Vegas where they have alcohol, prostitution and gambling. Yes, Walt Disney World, because it’s about the show. When you estimate from how you present the estimate to how you follow up to everything that happens in advance of your arrival, they are judging you. It is a performance. And if the performance is not choreographed appropriately, if the information is not compelling and persuasive, instead of getting three times the rate of the typical painter, or two times the rate of the typical painter, you will be fighting Chuck in a truck, illegal and unlicensed painters in a race to the bottom.

Remember, it’s about persuasion not price. Walt would’ve said the same. I’m Brandon Lewis with Painters Weekly, talk to you next week.