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There’s a secret in your Painting Business that most Painting Contractors seem to miss.

Are you tired of dealing with unruly customers that make you think, “Wow, if only there were a way to work with customers I know will be good customers based on my work.”

The secret? You already hold the secret in your Painting Business.

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Hey guys, it’s Brandon Lewis here. I hope you’re doing all right. I’m super excited to talk about what is probably one of the two topics that I have discovered help owners make more money in their painting business with less effort. Um, probably this in sales than anything else. And so I apologize. I’m coming to you. I’ve been out of town looking at, um, locations for the 2020 Painting Profits Summit. And so I’ve been out of town for almost three days and so I decided to spend some time here at the house, uh, with the fam today. And so I’m coming to you from the baby’s room. Yes, the baby’s room. That’s why we’ve got pink on the walls and a gun cabinet here because we know that are 1930’s craftsman house. The stuff’s gotta go somewhere, so she’s still crawling. I doubt she can get into these puppies yet.

They’re going to hang in here just a little while longer. So let’s dig into this. I would take out a pen and a piece of paper so that you can really dive in and learn about some things that you can implement on your own in your painting business that will reduce the amount of tire-kicking leads that you get and will increase the number of repeats and referrals. With that having been said, I’m going to go ahead and make sure that I do a little quick sound check here from the attendees. If you can hear me, type into the questions box, Brandon, we can hear you loud and clear,” so I know that the audio is coming through as it should be. Alright, I’m getting lots of yeses. Thank you, Norman. Thank you, Ian. Very good. And you can see the Webcam and you can see the screen, correct?

Both things. Yes. Thank you, Steve. I appreciate you. Thank you, victor. You’re very kind. Alright, here we go. So these are just in case, you know, I’ll take questions at the end, but I do not mute or unmute the lines simply because it gets really loud because a lot of people do not have webcams. And so if, um, if you will hang in there until the end, if you press the button, I’ll make sure to answer your question and I’m going to go ahead and just before we get started, make sure that my phone is off. You might want to do the same and I’m going to ask my wife to turn off the air conditioner that just came on downstairs so that maybe you don’t get any feedback on what I’m hearing right over here. I think none of you would really be, like, aggravated at me if I just got up and shut that thing off. I’m going to do it  right now, if you’ll hang on, talk amongst yourselves. Don’t commit any gun violence. I’ll be around.

Alright, down to a whisper. We covered that puppy up. All right, here we go. So I’m going to hide my Webcam here, but y’all can still see it on the hub, these controls and we’re going to get right down to business. So we are going to move fast. I’m going to try to get us out of here right at five o’clock, which means you’re going to need to take notes to make sure that you pick up on everything. So let’s get ready. So what we’re going to discover today is in my opinion, the sad and both happy reality about your past clients and their purchase behaviors. Um, the purchase behaviors are completely different than you probably think they are. We’re going to talk about how repeat and referral business can transform your personal income. And we’re not just going to talk about it with slides and anecdotal clap trap and pictures.

We’re going to look at numbers. Um, our academy members always, uh, kind of make fun of me because I really, I make people dig into the numbers because that’s really what we deposit, right? When we look at our bank account. If we’re not happy, aren’t we happy? Cause the numbers, what low? It’s a number. So we’re going to look at the numbers and how repeat and referral transactions completely transform your painting business. We’re going to look at the methods, messaging and timing for maximizing repeat and referral business. So here we go. Who is this for? This is for painters, frustrated with Cole, crappy leads. A lot of the conversations I hear and I just got back from an industry conference, uh, surrounding the fact that people get tired of, of going and looking at projects that they never get and they always think it’s something about their sales process and if they just finagled their sales process perfectly or if they tried to prequalify people, which is stupid, uh, I’m doing a painter’s weekly video on that next week and it can’t be done.

The big thing I always asks is, well, what if we took a step or two back when we just went back to the lead source? They don’t want to hear that. But that’s really the first solution to the problem. Owners fed up with low closing rates because of lead sourcing. That’s bad. Estimators that are tired of running all over town and wasting time and contractors who don’t like getting beat by low priced painters. And again, all of this comes back to the source of the lead in your relationship with the lead. So who am I? I grew up in [inaudible], Alabama and we were poor folks to poor folks. I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time on this, but I think it’s important. Dad couldn’t read or write and never been to school in his life. I had clubfoot facial deformities. We lived in an old saw mill slash house with one sink in the, uh, in the kitchen with the red well water that ran out of it for the first two or three minutes.

Uh, so we were just real poor that he convinced me that it was critically important to go to school. So I did and um, ended up getting my undergraduate in marketing and my master’s in entrepreneurship. I’m a husband and a father that is pictured in the top right here. Um, my smoking hot wife, Kristen, the my two young daughters that’s back at Christmas. So there, you know, the little one especially a little bit bigger. And then some of my golf friends friends are a big deal to me. I get a lot of people together several times a year. I think the art of manly friendship is being lost in this country. And probably across the world and we need to get back to it. Uncle, country music, Waylon Jennings, Merle haggard, Johnny Cash, stuff like that. And I’m Presbyterian, which means you were predestined to be on this presentation whether you want it to or not.

So, uh, thanks for coming. My professional background is kind of weird. Um, I’ve been where you are if you own a painting business now, but I did not start out there. I can’t paint. I’ve never painted. Um, but I started out in politics and I worked on US Senate, US House, state and local races, wrote for our, um, political magazines, wrote a book called how to raise money for political office. The one reason that I’m so passionate about repeat and referral business is because in politics, in nonprofits, especially politics, you’ve got this pressure cooker of a deadline called an election. And if you are $1 short, one vote short, they pack up all your crap antibiotics and the whole organization statewide, hundreds of people were fired overnight. Could you imagine if you made $1 less than any competitor in your area? And if that happened, they closed your painting business down and kept all the money, you will be really motivated.

Right? And the thing that we had in politics and nonprofits was this, we only had a list of people and a relationship with them and the way they felt about us. That’s all we could offer them. No tangible service, no tangible anything. And for that relationship and feeling they were going to give us thousands of dollars, hundreds of dollars, tens of dollars in some cases. So the thing I love about painting as it relates to the topic we’re talking about today are three, Pete’s referrals and reactivation. A really, the retention portion of that is that not only can we make people feel a certain way about us in our business, in the painting industry, we also have a tangible service of value. We didn’t have that in politics. We didn’t have that in nonprofits. We didn’t. It’s like you helped somebody, you went for political calls, you feel a certain way. So I’ll start on my painting business in 2008 during the great recession, it was remarkably Rafa made tons of mistakes.

Uh, using traditional image marketing that did not work, uh, ran through my savings, was worried about paying the mortgage. It was a big huge mass in 2008 was not a friendly time to start a business as many of you can remember or know. But I really discovered direct response marketing. A couple of mentors, uh, got back to my roots, which is multistep multimedia marketing, which is what we did in politics. Long story short, we built it up to over $1 million. I sold it for $440,000 in 2013 and I’ve never touched a paintbrush, but two times in my life. And I was fired the first time I was 15 or 16, and Dr. Garrett put me on a rental property, painting it and I was so slow and it was so messy. After about a day and a half, he took me off of it. And then one time I tried to paint my grandmothers handrails for her and that didn’t work out well either.

But I’m really good at marketing sales and the business side, operations management, recruiting, hiring. And so that’s what I help people with my industry background is you’ve probably seen my work in American painting, contractor magazine, PDCA in paint a Sherwin Williams, PPC magazine, the paint contractor. We have lots of support from some of the industry’s largest organization we put on a, a, an industry event every year. Uh, this is some pictures from our 2019 painting profit summit. If you did not make it, uh, this year, I hope you make it next year. That’s really fun. So I’ve been doing this, uh, over five years now and I love it. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of painting contractors from 20, 30, $40 million independently down to a few hundred. I’ve worked with franchise, uh, units both individually and at the corporate level. And I’ve watched what I’m about to show you. Work in Switzerland, England, Australia, Canada, Florida, California, urban, um, rural, doesn’t matter, works everywhere.

Okay. And I’ve watched it be translated into other languages and work. So this works, I promise you. So again, we’re going to look at the sad reality about your clients purchase behaviors, how repeat and referral leads transform personal income, the methods, messaging and timing for maximizing repeat and referral business. So let’s talk first about the sad and in my opinion, happy because if you know what to do about it, you could change it. Reality about your past clients and their purchase behaviors. So first off, absent communication, your clients forget you and move on. And this is the numbers. Bear this out. Everybody thinks if they, if they do a good job that their clients remember them. I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case because you should x, you should grow every year exponentially without end. If we did not have in our industry this retention issue, the sad reality is most people have very poor retention practices for past clients, B2B referral sources, and potential commercial prospects.

So after year three, everyone gets the pleasure of starting over again forever. And if yours doesn’t happen in your three habits in your seven and happens in your 10 happens in your 15 whenever it happens. And once it happens, you’re stuck. So I always ask people, you know, all know mother, how are all my clients remember me? Everyone of them buys. I never have anybody move on to another contractor, which is, I’ve never seen that to be the case. But I’ll ask people, do you have, especially when I’m out talking in a group, do you have young children? Then you might be able to hear my young children, uh, one of them in the neighbor girl playing outside on the deck. So if you hear some, some laughter, uh, that’s them out sub. And so I’ll ask people who has kids raise your hand in here.

And people raise their hands. Who has kids that are two or three years old? Raise your hand and they’ll raise their hand. And I’ll say, well, on a scale of one to 10, how important is Johnny to you? Little Johnny. 10. How long were you in Labor? 18 hours. On a scale of one to 10, how important was it that Johnny came into the world healthy? 10. OK compared that to the last time you had some work done around your house. Landscaping, plumbing, painting, cabinetry work. On a scale of one to 10, how does it compare maybe up to um, Orton? Was it that it was delivered perfectly to you? Maybe a two, maybe a three. And then I asked this question. Okay, if that’s the case, what was the name of the nurse that delivered your child? You know, the one that was in there with you for 18 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours.

No one ever knows. No one ever knows at this critical moment with the most important transaction of their life, probably this procedure. They can’t remember the name of the nerves, but we think because we stood on the porch and talked to them for 20 or 30 minutes, that they remember us forever. Simply isn’t the case. And here’s the perfect example. This is my story of plumbing fiasco. I had this gentleman who was a great, fantastic plumber in our area who did work for me about two or $3,000 and I loved his work. I loved his guys. Everything was perfect. We had a field blind had you cut down a tree and live in a 1930s craftsman house. It’s only about 21 2100 square feet, and so we had to get the tree down. Well, I had to have about a thousand $1,500 worth of work done again about nine to 10 months later, I went looking for this guy.

I knew his name, had something to do with our city name, which is river city, and the other one is the scenic city. I’ll look for plumbing companies. Looked and looked and looked and looked, could not find him, could not find his company. Spent probably 1520 minutes trying to find it. I mean, most of your clients will not even do that. I’m in the man in a van business. I should remember this stuff. Right? His name is river sod plumbing or signed. Didn’t know it. Solomon. Walmart left two or three months after the work had been done. I said, bud, you ever thought about maybe communicating with your clients after you do some work with them so they can remember who you are? I just told him the story I just told you. I said, you’ve got to start communicating with your past clients. I’ve never heard a word from him.

Probably never will. Okay, so that’s, that’s the issue. Word of mouth marketing. This is what most people say. Well, my best marketing is word of mouth marketing. I hear it all the time and it basically consists of hiding in a closet and hoping that your phone rings with repeat and referral business. That’s not marketing. That’s a lot. That’s like hoping that your business will be successful. It’s not marketing it when something happens to you through no effort of your own, that’s not marketing. That’s just a little bit of luck. Know some people remember you. So you have to understand organic spending. Okay, and the term organic spending, organic spending as the amount of painting services purchased on average each year by person on your in house list. A people that have bought from you previously, it’s roughly about a thousand dollars a year. Take, for example, at my house here to paint the whole outside, you’re probably 6,500, $7,000.

I’ve got a big wrap around deck outside and a fenced in yard and that’s, you know, two or $3,000. I’ve got a few rooms I’m going to paint downstairs with painted the baby’s room. When the baby came in, uh, recently, uh, we pressure wash stuff, I have to paint the porch, whatever it runs out to somebody who never does their own painting. Orchids don’t thousand dollars a year. So we grossly underestimate the amount and frequency of painting purchases we think all will thought paint for them once they’re not going to paint again, they will paint soon. They won’t spend much money on painting. That is not true at all. We have not discovered that at all. But the members that have worked with me, and that is not the case, they spend more than we think. They spend it more frequently than we think. And the beauty is with your Riki class. This does not, this thousand dollar a year number doesn’t even account for the referrals unless people said, well, my best marketing is word of mouth referrals. That is the referral business. I’m not talking about the referral, I’m just talking about the organic spending. Every client on your list is like a little rental property and they kick off without $1,000 a year in organic spending. I know that number is good. I feel comfortable with it. It’s more in urban areas. It’s about that in your middle of America areas.

I don’t know what the amount is for referrals when I know something for sure. I will tell, you know, jump up and down and scream it until you that you’re wrong and I’m right, but I don’t know this. Okay. I think it’s probably $250 something like that. $200 I mean that would be my guess. So 1200 to $1,250 a year if you can’t repeat and referral spending. So doing a good job does not help you retain those clients. I’m going to say that again. If you do a good job that’s not marketing people in my best drunk marketing’s doing a good job. That’s not marketing, that’s just operations or marketing is what happens before the sale and then after this the project is completed. Okay, so this is what I typically see and if I looked at your business, this is probably what I would see if you’re not a member of our organization, you have a client list of 250 people.

Watch the numbers here. Okay? We’re in the far left hand column. You have a client list of 250 clients. Your repeat organic spending should be $250,000 when I ask about what the percentage is, or maybe if you track it, the captured repeat business is only really about 37 5,500 rather, which means you’re leaving 212,500 on the tape. Then maybe your numbers tossed that. Maybe it’s not 15% maybe it’s higher, but what happens over time is your is your list grows in houses. I will see people who have no joke, 101 point $5 million list of 1500 people in organic spending. They’re only capturing about 225,000 of it in 1.2 million is going to competitors. I promise you. But Mrs. Johnson needs to paint her house. If she can’t find you again, do you think she just doesn’t paint her house that, that people just paint with the first person they ever paint with and after that, if they can’t find that person, they just never paint.

Nope. And they just go paint with your competitors. The reason that no one has any market share, and I may go over this again later in this, in this, uh, in this presentation is because no one retains their clients. That’s why you don’t have any dominant market players in any given market. Everybody’s got a lot of 0.05% of the market. Maybe the biggest guys in your market might have one or 2%, maybe three and everything else. It’s just we just keep trading customers, trading customers, keep what I call catch and release marketing. So the majority of established painting contractors didn’t do not need a kid. You not at the point that they’re in their business. When I look at it usually now later they do, but usually when I first looked at a painting business, they do not need one single solitary new client at that moment in time.

They don’t need another they need first thing. And do you know what wind back, the ones they’ve already served. It’s ridiculous. The whole wall of I don’t want to new any new leads, new leads. Why haven’t two lead, you already found there are actually customers that close at higher rates that have larger transactions and are Procensis. What happened to those? A lot of old, the good ones. I want to go after the crappy ones. You mean the crappy ones you’re already complaining about. You have those that make any sense? What happens? We just, we got something that we should do that would work and we’ll just get distracted by bright and shiny objects all the time. New, new, new. It’s like an epidemic. It’s some kind of virus that painters have. I don’t understand it. So this is how your repeat lead and percentage mix affects your personal outcome and if you’ve tuned out, I want you to tune back in.

This is probably, this is probably the one of the most eye-opening things that anyone will ever share with you in your painting business. It is truly a open, so we’re going to walk through it right now so we know that your past clients versus prospective new clients behave in a different way. And here’s what we have discovered in looking at hundreds of painting businesses and data, both franchise independent all over the board, repeat business closes at about 65 to 70% some people get higher rates, net new clients, the ones that you get just brand new people that don’t know you, that aren’t referred easily close between 25 and 32% depending on the quality of your, the lead source that you’ve generated them from and your sales process and how persuasive it is. Some things like trade show leads are going to obviously close at a higher rate, especially if it’s a paid trade show lead, meaning they paid to get in there.

It’s going to close at a higher lead than say a an an internet lead. An SEO lead is going to close at a higher rate than a paid per service lead lock home advisor or something like that. There are some variances in there, but as a general rule, cost of sale for a repeat lead is usually around $50 or less, sometimes 12 $15 them being conservative bump, bumping this up, cost of sale, and I see this routinely of net new clients, especially with larger companies that process tons of work, 250 to $400 higher transaction sizes with repeat business. When you look at people that have bought from you as second, third and fourth time, the average transaction size is higher. Why? Because they trust you. When you do your first transaction with somebody, you’re Kinda like, oh, I don’t know this guy. But if you’ve done work with someone over and over and over again, you really kind of just get to read a lot.

Just do it. Send me a bill. I’ve got a 72 blazer that I drive and I’ve done tons of work with it. Right now I’m having to have the flock wheel replaced on it and the starter at what else? Bobby’s doing something else but in a new distributor on it. He’s done so much work on that thing. I just drop it off and just say do it, but I didn’t feel like that the first time he did my roll bars and did the paint work. I’ve, I mean I’ve got a referral for him, but I didn’t know him, but after he did that work the first time I was like, that’s pretty good. But then he’s done it three or four different times and I just drop it all. Say Bobby do it and then I’ll go pick up the invoice and I’m happy I was not locked that know my first transaction.

This is kind of common sense, but you’ll see how it plays out financially in a moment. They are most price sensitive. Okay. Or rags, I reversed this. This is more processed that less processed. It should be the reverse repeat businesses. Less price sensitive net new clients are more processed that repeat business, trust you. Net new clients do not trust you because we have a, we’re in an industry with a bad reputation. It precedes US people afraid of the folks that are coming in their house that they do not know. Have they been background checked? What’s your warranty? What’s your guarantee? How can a vouch for them? How do I know these people don’t have records of drug abuse issues? They can still stuff at my house. I mean it’s a big transaction and it’s high risk so they don’t trust you, your new clients don’t.

And then finally, this is something I think people completely miss. Repeat clients, someone who’s done business with you can refer you that extra $250 in sales a year per client. They can refer you a new client that cannot refer you. So the thing that kills me is luck. If you know that these things are true, then why you go after badly. I don’t really understand why people don’t spend any time or money on the repeat clients is straight. So let’s look at a typical company, okay, that does, that has 300 leads a year, meaning you’re going to look at 300 leads. Okay? Follow me here. Look at the top part of this, and this is what I call the 80 10 10 business. Meaning 80% of your work is, is net new. New came from some new source. They found you online, you bought leads, you put mail out, you that canvasing whatever.

Okay? Yard signs, vehicle signage, water 80% let’s say they close at a 30% rate. That means that the total number of sales you’re going to do with 72 the net new average sale is 2,700 the net new average cost per sales 200 that 2,700 actually pretty high, but I’m going to be conservative here. Net New gross profits after marketing because of your marketing expense that your average cost of sale, again, being conservative at $200 that’s a pretty good cost of sale to be honest. $63,000 okay? Gross profit per sale after marketing is 2006 40 okay? Now your repeat business is 10% and you follow those numbers in the same way. Referral business, 10% follow those numbers at the same way. See, when you add these up, you end up getting a gross profits, uh, after marketing of 108,000 oh 45. Okay? Are you following me so far?

Let’s take the exact same business, exact same business, and let’s look at the numbers. If you shift the mix a little bit, okay? A shift it from 60% new to 20% repeat 20% referral, you will watch because you’re your new ones close at a higher rate because the transaction size is slightly higher and because your cost of leaders lower means that you’re going to make more money, okay? Roughly in this example, about $28,000 more from just shifting the mix. Does that make sense? Doing the same number of leads, exact same number of leads, but our gross profits, okay, have risen considerably about 28,000 k in gross profits once you’re past break even our net profits in our business. Then finally, what if we ended up going to a 40 30 30 minutes, meaning repeats or 30 referrals with 30 and the girls? The a new is only 40% four and 10 are new.

Six and 10 are repeat referral. When you do this for processing the same 300 leads, nothing else has changed. Nothing else has changed. You don’t have to hire any more estimator. No more painters, no more. You’re not processing more work. We see a 53% increase in gross profits. It’s $60,000 homeless. This is why I’m constantly harping on our business owners to make sure that they’re getting their share of the repeat and referral business because net new is just so expensive. So the thing that kills me about what I’m presenting here today, it’s probably eye opening to most of you in McCall that have never thought about this, but it really shouldn’t be. You go to harbor freight, what do they do at the cash register or you own our program? Can we sign you up? Can we get your information? Then what do they do?

They send you their information all the time by email. They’ll send it by text, they’ll send it by mail. Three different mediums. They’ll follow you around on the Internet. If you go to their website, when you show up to their website, first thing they do is they want to collect your information and communicate with you. Right? Crazy and look 40 plus million customers. That’s how serious they are. They put it on their website. That’s how many customers that they’ve done transactions with and that they have collected contact information for. They know what their business is. Go to a restaurant. I want Chicago pizza even though, or old Chicago pizza even though I’m not supposed to eat it cause I have high cholesterol. Occasionally I’ll go there and get their, I don’t know if it’s called the Maddy meaty or the meat lovers or whatever it is.

Then crust is delicious and got tons of beer on tap. I love our PA’s and they try to get you on their world beer tour, a little card, and every time I go there, I don’t have many cards in my wallet that are not repeat business. I have one for big river brewery and I have one for the world beer tour and that’s it, but they got my information and they send me stuff in email and they send me stuff on my birthday. Every time there’s a special event or a new tapping or if there’s a local brewery that’s doing an event there, they send stuff. I’ve got two kids and I’m married, so I don’t get to go very often on when there’s an event and usually it’s just whenever we can, but I have a feeling of familiarity with both of these brands.

Because of that, you go to get your oil changed, they’re going to try to get you on a program. They’re going to try and get you information in about the time it, my wife is supposed to get the oil change, she gets something from Valvoline and then finally, and that’s a service business. That’s what you do. You’re in the service business. And finally, if you go to a local church or if you are a member of a political organization, they’re going to communicate with you. They’re going to send out a magazine, they’re going to send out a newsletter. If you’re a member of a church. Most churches that are on the ball that are larger and established are gonna communicate by mail, email, and in social media to their congregants. [inaudible] and they have this, every single industry get this, but pain. Even when I go to our industry conference, I’m look amazed that no one talks about this.

It just, it’s just amazing. It, it just flabbergasts me. We’re talking about how to engage people on snapchat and log. That’s number 37 on the list. Are you kidding me? Number one, two, three and four is probably freaking talk to your past customers. But anyway, that’s just our industry. So have you increased your percentages of repeat and referral leads? Okay. Number one is realizing that inputs equal outputs that doing the job doesn’t get it done for everything you want out of life. There is an input, a stimulus in it creates a response. Okay. If you want to get in shape, the stimulus for your body is a reduction in calorie intake or the type of calories that you take and an input of exercise, weight bearing, cardiovascular, whatever you decide to do or some combination thereof. The response from your body is you will build more muscle mass, your metabolism will increase in, you will drop weight.

Now if you think about the time that you ate well and exercised last year, does that make you lose weight? No. Cause that’s what happened when in the past you don’t get any benefit. Hardly none. Maybe you get a little bit of a benefit and it hangs on for a while, but eventually it, it goes one extinct. So when you paint for somebody and you do a great job, just let my plumber friend, it works really great for a few months until we forget the name of your company and who you are and the business card goes in the trash and whatever. So what is it? The input in retention and repeat our repeat and referral business is personal value add communication. That’s how we do it. And the response is repeat and referral estimate request. That’s how that happens,

So if you’re not putting in the inputs, you’re not going to get the outputs to count on it. Just not going to happen. So make sure that you understand that, that the repeat referral business is not governed by you did a good job back in 1963 for somebody, okay? It’s that within the last 30 60 days they’ve heard from me, okay, really bad every month and we’ll go into that. So number two is getting your message right is very, very counterintuitive. Hey, you probably have, now that I’ve mentioned this, you’ve probably got your wheels turning. Okay? I need to communicate with my clients, Brandon. I believe it. I know it’s important. I’m tired of car tire kickers. I’m tired of all this crap and running around with jobs that don’t close. I’m tired of low volume transactions. It’s just I’m okay. So I’m start blasting

my list. Okay, about painting all the time. No, you’re not. If you do that, it may work for 30 to 60 to 90 days, but then you’re going to see something really bad happen. There’s a cadence and there is a process. So let’s walk through that messaging. Lesson number one is that you do not treat clients like human ATM machines. 100% of your messaging to these people cannot be review me 10% off deck staining, free paint upgrades, winter special buy, buy, buy. I see people that sign up. There’s a particular offender that I get all the time because I think it just pulls in emails from your Gmail account called sign post and there’s a couple of other ones and it is just lot a people are assaulting their client lists and I guess that’s better than never communicating with them, but it’s like gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme take, take, take, take, take, take 24 seven so if you’re on sound post or something like that and it just belches out offers and there’s none of what we’re about to talk about, you need to cut that crap off because I had is not helping you out.

That is killing your client list. So messaging number two is, and this is a hard one, no one cares about painting topics. Even you. Nobody cares about painting. They really don’t always ask painters in your free time, what do you do? You Google painting websites. Do you like your really read up on stain and stuff like that? And most painters are like, no, I don’t. I watch TV, listen to stories I read whatever I hang out with. Friends in there, there’s a few paint nerds. But even paint nerds don’t spend 24 hours looking at this stuff. When you check out at the grocery store and wants you to look at the left and the right, what do you see magazines about? Who? Strangers. You’ve never met people by them or do you know what’s going on? You need believe whole Kogan cheated on his wife.

Uh, you know, uh, you know, uh, haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth or you know, one of the Kardashians do something or one of the royals or whatever. Okay. You can create that same type of minor celebrity in a small list of people through what I’m about to show you. Okay? What you do not see when you checkout is people voluntarily consuming 10% of pain. People voluntarily reading about varnish and stain and deck staining and protecting your investment. Nobody cares about that. So you gotta take all the painting stuff almost out of your communication. I know that’s, again, I told you this was going to be counterintuitive. So you’ve got to get your messaging right. About 60% of your content to your people that you talk about should be what I call irrelevant or semi relevant content. Meaning it has nothing to do with painting or it might have a little to do with painting, but not much relevant.

Content should comprise 40% of your newsletter or less. Usually I believe in less. And if your newsletter does not get read, and if people do not anticipate the thing coming, then it doesn’t matter, right? If nobody cares and nobody reads it, they can have all the offers in the world in it. If it gets thrown in the trash. So then more so relevant content. What’s that? A personal connection. Articles about owners or staff members. You can see on the left here, top left a picture of a, I think this is both mom and Greg’s daughters, if I read that correctly, and they’re both in their mother’s wedding dresses. Okay. They, they’re partners in a painting from, and I think it said a, the title of it was seen as a friendship and you may think, well lettuce, crazy. Well I’m sorry, the ladies of the House make the decision and when they fill out the painters are, they know them and they trust them, they will buy from them again.

Even people who are facilities managers, maintenance managers, we’ll get to that later. When people feel like they know you on a personal level, they buy from you. You’ve probably got a hairstylist, an auto mechanic or an insurance agent or somebody you buy something from right now who is not the cheapest and who really probably doesn’t even provide you with the best service. But guess what? You know, well, we don’t get to really know our clients because we only see them occasionally. But if we can communicate with them in the middle, we’ll get referrals and we’ll get repeat business. What else is what I’ll call irrelevant. Uh, content, helpful non pain articles, how to control seasonal allergies, how to green up a painting around your house. Um, so that environmentally friendly, um, how to make the world’s best tapioca pudding or Jalapeno cheese dip or whatever puzzles, factoids, anything entertaining, anything that you would read on your own free time.

A few are sitting, uh, waiting to get your hair cut or on an airplane. Okay. That’s what you want to contact them with. I know it’s very counterintuitive, but I’m telling you I’ve been doing this for years. This is it. [inaudible] relevant content customers of the month. Okay. Welcome nosing people that give you referrals, welcoming new clients, doing project photos, especially if it’s funny or entertaining stuff. Employee spotlights. This is this 10% off painting by painting stuff. Nope. It’s people, it’s pictures of people and stuff about people. Again, when you check out what are people buying voluntarily that has no product service offering value in it, and at least that’s not one of their buying people. People buy stuff that’s helpful and people buy stuff about people. And so when you communicate with your clients, you need to be communicating with them about stuff like this. And then finally relevant content.

What problems do your customers have that you might be able to help them? What type of information are you looking for? And you have some kind of particular service offering and that needs to be [inaudible] very small percentage of what you talk about. It’s almost nonexistent in our newsletter. So number three, now that we’ve got, we know who to go after because we know how it impacts our business. Now that we know what we’re going to talk to them about, we’re going to have to do one other thing and that’s consistently get this value add message in front of your clients without it being just whenever you can do it. That thing will also send them a Christmas card. Well, at the beginning of spring, I sit on a postcard. I mean that’s what most people think. Oh, if I think about it once a quarter, they get an email with an offer in it.

That’s not what I’m talking about. So one thing about the timing you have to realize in your list is that it’s a passing parade of interest. It’s not a standing army at any given time. When you’re talking to your clients, only about 3% of them are probably buying at this moment. Now that number goes up a little bit because of the seasonality in our business, but only about 3% of them at any given time or bang right this instant. But you know, within the next 10 15 days, six to seven are open to it. They’re thinking about it. So you add those two numbers together. About 10% of your list may be purchasing your painting services in the next 30 to 60 days. 30% are not thinking about it at all right now. 30% don’t think they’re interested at all. And then 30% no, they’re not interested. All right. I mean you have no, we did all that is going to be a long time before we do that. And what happens is everybody moronically believes that everyone in that bottom 30%


it’s crazy. I think that they’re just like living in that bottom 30% for what you paying for them. They live in that 30% forever. You gotta go find a new client. Well, if they’re living in that 30% forever, and then what makes you think that the new leads that you’re getting from some reason, why are they the hot ones that make any sense? So this is it. That means that every month you’ve gotta be in front of them. Because guess what, that percentage of who is in the, in those groups changes. So if you’re not in front of them, tough luck. Let’s look at a list of 500 customers. Pretend like you had 500 customers. This is kind of representative of the number of, um, estimates or requests or the spending than your list. You see this curve. So in March, let’s say that you’re going to get 500 estimate requests. This year, 42 of them will come in March are 8.36% so the Oregon expanding would be $41,000 so right now, if you’ve got a list of about 500 people between March and April, March is almost gone, let’s say April and May. If you’ve got a list of 500 people, there’s probably close to a hundred thousand dollars that’s going to be spent inside that list. So okay,

not talking to them every month is a crazy thing to do. It makes no sense. It’s irrational, illogical, very emotional emotion based on no facts whatsoever. So when you see that these are how many people, how many projects or estimate requests are happening in your list, it really begs the question, probably need to be in front of these people all year, not just when I send them the December Christmas card, we can guess what spending is almost as low as it’s ever going to get. That’s Kinda dumb. If you’re a fisherman, would you go fishing the one month deficient at least luckily to buy natural brought? No, we’d not fish up here. But honestly, if you’re a true fisherman, you’d fish every month. So monthly timing is critical. You can’t just hit it a lick every quarter. You can’t reload if you can, if at all possible. You probably don’t need to rely on one medium neater on multiple mediums.

So this timing is critical. So everyone gets it right? If you’re on here right now with me, you get it and you’re probably like, I get it Brandon. I’m going to go do it. I’m sold on it. You got me, I’m doing everybody’s gonna do it right? But I tell people this and they shake their head and go, we asked you to do this. Well, why don’t they do it? And if they do, most people never even never even get up the courage and the enthusiasm or the discipline to do it one time. That’s most people never even do it once. And the few that do at once might be excited for a little while, then they quit doing it, wants to add it. So let’s talk about that. There are four big problems, okay? The first is their uncertainty. They’re uncertain on how to even start.

All right brain and you’ve told me all this stuff. I don’t even know how to start and y’all kind of, I wrote down some notes. I kind of understand I need to communicate with the clients, but this is not what I do. Communication. The second one is communication is executed, but it’s not very good. Those people that sign up, for example, for signpost, oh my God, just treat them like an ATM machine. Just beat ’em up for sales all the time. Beat him up for reviews all the time, beat him up for referrals all the time. Never given me anything. Just beat him up. No personal connection. Just beat him up. Communication is, consent is inconsistent. Maybe you do it one time really well, but then it just, you just get busy and you don’t do it or content creation is so time consuming, so it’s based, it put on the black on the back burner whenever you can get to it.

Most of the time when owners can get to it as the few months in the winter when they’re not that busy when actually people aren’t even buying and then you get busy and you just can’t get around to it. This is why it does. So I’ll give you a personal confession. Things I hate doing a higher out. Okay. Painting. When I own my painting business, I hired it out cause I can’t do it. Never did it. Don’t have any intention of ever doing it. Only painting this campaign, home repairs and remodeling projects, I don’t do those either. Don’t lock it. I can do it. I can do most things. I can read instructions, I can build stuff, I can paint if I wanted to, if I want to take enough time. Now time is more valuable. Doing the things that I’m good at that I like and love short and I’m going to do that.

I’m not going to do out of repairs, maintenance and we’ll send it to business. Accounting and bookkeeping. I ain’t doing that either. I have a lady lady named Frida comes over, picks up the pile of papers. Does the processing. I can run reports in the software that I use for CRM, scheduling my calendar. Jennifer does that. I don’t schedule my calendar, I don’t do that stuff. And then super technical digital marketing work. TC works in our office. He does that. And then Camille, a lady that does stuff specifically with campaigns in Infusionsoft, a hire her for that. Okay. Some of these things are part time hires are full time hire. Some of these are services and some of these are very temporary hires. So if you don’t want stuff like this, you just need to hire now. So after five years I realized that, and it kind of breaks my heart, is that most owners feel the exact same way about digital newsletters and repeat referral leads.

As I filled out painting. They hate it. They hate marketing. You’re on the phone or if you’re on this a presentation right now, you probably hate marketing. You probably hate that you probably got five or six things that you really lock in your business and this stuff you hate. You know, it’s critically important to your income and your equity and your peace of mind and your lifestyle, but you don’t lock it in, you’re probably not good at it. You could not send me in a room and say, oh, let me explain how to paint and I go paint any more than I can explain, well, here’s how you market. And you’d go market and you get started at it and after a few years you might get good at it. But to do it right away is probably an unlikely. So we’ve developed a done for you at home monthly newsletter service.

It’s kind of been a long time coming in this top of um, environment. And it’s just, I’ve just figured out that our guys need it. I know it’s important, you know, it’s important that people just never get around to it. So it’s mainly for owners who have a guilty conscience about con neglect, but are too busy to implement a digital newsletter. Program owners are sick and tired of starting over every year with crappy target leads. That’s probably a lot of people. So I’ll tell you who it’s not for his owners that probably have fewer than a hundred clients. Most people probably need a hundred or so to really make it work. That having been said, if you’ve got some wherewithal and you’re starting out your business and you want to start it out the right way, I’d definitely do it. Owners willing, uh, who aren’t willing to put together a clean, genuine email list.

You can’t, and this includes text messaging as well. Uh, you can’t communicate with people that you’ve not done business with because number one, you’ve got to put together lists. Number two, whatever service provider you use, even if you do it on your own, MailChimp, constant contact call loop, um, simple text, whatever it is. If you start sending messages to people and then they report it as spam, they’ll shut down your entire account. And it’s not for owners who believe in Alchemy or chasing fads. I know a lot of owners who are just on to the new thing all the time. They’ll dabble with something, mess around with something, but they will not just stick with two or three things that really work that, that are good. They want to move on to something else and buying their business problems on everything else that’s, this isn’t a good fit for those people either.

So what is it? Uh, our program is a monthly emailed and texted newsletter. It goes to your past clients, commercial or residential. We’ll talk about that in a minute. Well known and a stress that well known B2B referral partners. If you’ve got real tours that you’ve worked with that worked for you, work interior decorators, if you’ve got roofers, plumbers, et cetera. I mean, don’t just pull a list out of the phone book or out of the AGC or the home builders directory. That’s not what this is for any they people do not know you and you send this stuff to them. They will mark it as spam and then your entire program gets shut down whether you do it or somebody else does it. So these have to be people that know you, uh, people that are commercial prospects that you have met in person, like you’ve met them a few times, maybe they haven’t bought from you, that they, you’ve sat down and physically in front of them and seen them.

So they know you. These are not prospects, okay? And they should, people that are warmer than that, your personal center of influence. So you know some people that you go to church with that you’re in rotary club with, then you do something with and you think they might buy them from me one day or they must at least refer me to people and that, but not, not, not, not a random list of people purchased or failed. You’ll just get shut down. Then you think you can do it. You can’t do it. So here are my three principles for effective newsletter style. Okay? Then you can write these down. Use them on your own personal, okay. It needs to be personal. It needs to look and feel like you Bobby, the painter or all the painter, Matthew, the painter, whoever it is as reaching means your victor, Tulsa, Torrance, Uri, whoever the painter sent this stuff out to them from you.

Okay. Personal it needs to be playing. This is a weird thing and again, it goes back to this counterintuitive stuff. Everyone gets beautifully formatted, corporate throw up emails. You get them a message from our CEO of some giant conglomerate that you know, they don’t care about you. They’re not a person. There’s no interaction. It’s beautifully styled, but it’s just what I call corporate throw up. Somehow. You got on the list one day you bought something from him. It reminds me of the emails you get from hotels. Merriot um, who else? Um, Hilton, Sheraton. Like you get those things and you’re just like, no, by this, this was sent by like a computer and I don’t even know if the human did this. I think this is just autogenerated it just doesn’t feel right. And so my rule is always look around at what everyone else does and don’t do that.

Okay. You’ve got to think about this from the client’s perspective and they want their painter to send them stuff and they want it to look professional, not pricey. Professional means like it doesn’t look like untrustworthy garbage, but it doesn’t look like you paid someone to do it for you. I know that sounds weird and it’s weird, especially if you do pay somebody to do it for you. You don’t want it to look what you paid somebody to do it for you. They won’t. It needs lucky. It was put together by your little hands and it went out. When people see slick, expensive advertising and things like that, they think that they’re overpaying. It’s the same thing. There’s a guy over here working on my neighbor’s house last week doing some masonry work on the chimney. I swear to God the guy pulls up in like a 65 $70,000 truck that’s tricked down and I’m like, I will never in a million years take that kind of truck that’s new and expensive.

I don’t care if he did buy it on credit to a customer’s house cause it looks awful. It should be rather than a 10 year old well-kept car. That’s what you drive to a customer’s house. If you got that other truck fun, you’ve done well. A lot of us do keep it at your house. I never drive it. My 72 blazer to a customer’s house to do an estimate. We shouldn’t drive that stuff. Same thing with your marketing needs to look. Professional needs to look personal, needs to look plain and doesn’t need to look like you. You know, you paid $1 million to have it done. People don’t like that.

Those are the three ps. So what’s in it? Personal connections. There’s an example in the halls sent out something about getting members of the year award, helpful non pain articles, tits for greening up, cleaning Trivia Puzzles and recipes, client recognition. And there’s somebody recognizing the customer of the month. Um, and one single solitary painting service offer. I don’t even have that here, but we put it in ours. So there’s newsletter marketing work for residential. Okay. These are just some comments from people that have been using newsletter marketing for awhile. I’m not going to read them word for word, but here’s one from Matthew. The Rol on monthly newsletters have been incredible. Literally six figures in sales in the past few months. Um, they send stuff out, he’s touching and he feels positive about it. And who knew something so simple to produce such results. These jobs closed at 80%. Unbelievable. And US two came to Google for one cold lead last month. Sometimes.

you get in a bidding war for commercial or something like that and you’re using ad words or whatever and he paid through the nose for them. Okay, so this is amazing stuff. Um, honestly, the reactivation in the newsletter, in the amount of where emails have been a blessing, the referrals that never stopped through the slow periods at different times of the year, winter. And I put that in there for torrents. The results are a little smaller, but the return on sending out email is tremendous. There’s Shawn, somebody who’s been doing this for about five years now and his repeat months is something we gave them award for this year is repeat and referral businesses at 80.26% could you imagine that eight out of 10 leads come are either repeat or referred? Makes it easier to have, have consistency in your business. The halls, I’ll say that after years of marketing to our past customers, we have a close rate of about 90% for repeat clients.

We can have a uh, we also have a high close rate on referrals from these clients. Important and maybe we’re going back to those charts. Same amount of leads, completely different income outcome, newsletter of benefits in two angles. First, business growth is all about focus, discipline, finding things that work and keep doing them over and over again. It forces them focus on important things. And secondly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients tell me that they read the newsletter. They actually enjoy getting it. I can’t help the be tickled inside that love making a positive difference in someone’s Day. It’s worth it for you. And your clients and this newsletter market work for B2B referrals until tell people to put me to be referrals on the list and sometimes people ask. There’s a neat little email I got just, I don’t know, almost a month ago, said Brandon at the realtor education event at ready set spring.

Ended up having conversations with a couple realtors about our newsletters. They gushed about how much they like to read our lead article. The conversation was warm and friendly literally because they felt like they knew us, locked us and can trust us. I’m going to read this at link all because we communicate real stuff to them regularly. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that our monthly newsletter will become one of our most powerful pieces of marketing over the long term and other realtor gave us a lead for a five figure interior house painting, all because of the newsletter, five figures. That was their exact words because of the newsletter. This is how he has this thought. You might like to hear about that. It might help offset the contractor belly aches about the cost and time commitment of the newsletter. We’re actually taking out the time commitment with what we’re talking about today.

But there is a little bit of cost, not much. And then does newsletter marketing work for commercial? One of the big things I get, and it just drives me nuts. People think that lot of residential and commercial clients are aliens from a different two different claims. Where does the person leave when they go home? Home? Where does the residential client go during the day? The office through the same person. They live in two different boxes and they go to one box for work. They go to the other box in that. Okay. So same thing. And we have people that use it. So our commercial painting business, uh, we many times they longer decision times and repaint cycles. The newsletter helps keep us out in front of our customers. They don’t, uh, when they don’t have anything going, clients have told us that they locked the upbeat nature and enjoy the cartoons.

We’re trying to create a main story that connects to their clients. Uh, we may not get them out every month, but if we’re the only one doing it, then we’re leaps ahead of the competition. Here’s another one from a mocking them. I’ll keep it brief. A, he happens to be the production manager for a large commercial property. It needs lots of painting and we’re about to close a $13,000 in a tier repaint February. And this is only the first phase all because I managed to get his email and we kept sending them a newsletter every month. And what did they say they first started is probably 18 months ago. So I mean you put somebody on the list once you meet them and it works. So what do you have to do to make all this happen as far as what we’re talking about with what we’re doing?

So if you’re going to work with us on this and you’re interested in us doing it for you and I’ll go through the details in a minute. There’s some work you’ve got to do that’s just sad. Every time there’s money there’s work. The third two options. One option is a little bit of work up front, not much at all. And the other option is no work at all harder. So we remind you, we template the process, we format it, we send it out. So we need a picture of you in a hundred words about something that happened last month that you’re unfamiliar with doing newsletters. Basically it’s like a Longish, they should book a Facebook Facebook post. So you know when you do a Facebook post and it’s not you and the kids, we had so much fun camping or going to Disney land or whatever we did. Are you and your wife celebrating your anniversary?

It’s like a wall Facebook lives. We need one long Facebook posts from you a month. Or it can be about your grandparents or it could be about something you care about or they about a sports team or they about a hunting trip. Or it could be about one of your employees or their kids. I mean, easy, right? It’s a long Facebook post. You probably post several Facebook posts a month and if you don’t, you probably, if your grandmother calls you or your aunt or your uncle and one of your friends that said that you hadn’t talked to in a month and you said, hey buddy, what’s going on? You would seriously say, well, things are going okay. Here are the kids. Kids are doing well, so and so’s playing soccer such and such as Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. My wife’s been sick. She’s kind of had the fluid and we’re getting over it.

What you just said on the phone, I kid you not, you could record it, transcribe it, put it in your newsletter and we’ll be like, oh, I feel like I know what’s going on. I know it’s crazy. It’s counterintuitive, but it works. You need to send us a customer of the month. Take a picture with one of your painters, somebody, I mean we prefer this. We’re going to give you option two in a minute. Referral sources to recognize, do you have a realtor that sent you a lot of referrals? Let’s recognize them. Did somebody send you a referral this month? Let’s recognize them. These are just names in an email, really easy and then a new clients from last month. If you want to list them, you could list their names and their street and everything about them or you can just put their family name, the gentleman’s family, the Lewis family, but whatever family.

Now you are your office admin or your office admin or your operations dude or somebody or your spouse, depending on how you run your business. It probably takes you 2030 minutes to get us this stuff a month. That’s the truth. Okay, 2030 minutes a month. You send us the stuff. We take care of the rest. Now option two is you want to call the autopilot option. I don’t recommend this and that is where are you saying, I’m sorry Brandon, I’m too busy this month. I got it to the last two or three months. We’re just covered up. Can you just send something out for me? And we said, okay. We send out a short personal feeling message with a picture of you generic because we did. We wrote it for you but they don’t know that you didn’t write it. Kind of. Usually not. We don’t make it super polished cause we want it to sound genuine, personal and we take out or make universal changes to the sections that you’ve not given us information out.

So if you don’t have customers in the month, we might just leave in a pitcher says we love our customers and we don’t list the customers of the month. You didn’t send us somebody referrals. You might put, you know, thank you to everyone as soon as referrals this month. Okay. Or thanks for the referrals. We appreciate referrals. We send it out to your current list and you don’t do anything but send us an email back that says I ain’t got time to do this is a better option. Okay. A lot of people want say for example, I keep going back to beat this up, but it’s because an aggravates me. That signposts stuff as a bad thing to recommend that people do. It’s probably okay in the short term, but to hurt you, my job is to always give you the best option. This is the second best option.

So an effective digital newsletter is simply a tool that allows you to reduce the number of low quality leads that you run. We’re about to wrap up here, increase your personal income and reduce unproductive marketing expenses and increase your free time so you can bring more predictability and less stressed your business. It’s a tool. What are we after? Less crappy leads, more personal income, more free time. It is a tool that allows us get there. That’s it. So you can do all this stuff yourself if you want it to because we do it all right. We do it for our members. By the time you out the articles, source the images or Matt the news letter, import the emails, test the emails, send the emails, trial and error. It’s eight to 12 hours a month and this is one painters, never get around to it, never got around to it.

Now this is us doing it. When we know what we’re doing and we’ve done it four or five years, that’s roughly all work. What does that 60 newsletters that we’ve done? Uh, I don’t have, my math is wrong. Somebody can shoot me an email, but I don’t want a newsletter. It’s not counting the ones that I did when I worked for nonprofits and political organizations. Okay. We’ve done a lot of newsletters. It takes forever. This is why people never get around to it. So our done for you at home monthly newsletter, email edition is a concierge service. We give you unique, personal and non salesy format. We give you helpful value, add written articles that your clients will appreciate you. Trivia, recipes, puzzles, royalty free images, painting services, deal with the month and you can change it if you want to. We give you 100% hands off.

Technical integration, importing, updating client lists and we send it for you. Okay. You don’t have to do any of that. So by the way, we do this in house. This is actually a schematic of our office. I upgraded it just for you. I hope you like it. This is how our office is set up. Jennifer’s in the first office. She helps put together the content and all that stuff. I actually probably should have put a red arrow over her head. A TC, um, helps get it out the door. John gets the information from you and I look at all ever to make sure it’s okay. And I came up with it to be, to begin with. I guess I paid these people. So that’s my contribution to all this. And I’ll teach you how to do it. And this is the hallway if you ever come to our office is exactly what it looks like.

And there’s a video room between me and TC and John. So if you ever wondered what the office looks like, that’s what it looks like. So our done for you at home monthly e newsletter. Concierge service is normally one 47 a month, but if you sign up, we’ll give you $50 off your first month. Okay. All you have to do is go to [inaudible] and use the Promo Code. Repeat. There’s a lot of repeats, right? We did it. Plus if you’re gonna repeat, you have to repeat, but I repeat myself. So got to painters, and use Promo Code repeat, and I know that’s a whopping $147 a month. But here’s the thing, if you’ve tuned out, tune back in. This is how I make all my personal marketing decisions for my entire life. Your average transaction size is about $3,000 I don’t know if it’s even higher for repeat customers.

Your gross profits at 45% which is about where you should be to 50% or $1,350 on that project. No joke. I kid you not. You have to find 1.3 repeat jobs over 365 days to pay for this. Not counting referrals. This is how cheap this is and people will not, there’ll be some of you listening to this that will not buy this. I’m not saying it’s, I will tell you, I would say what I think it is, but it’s crazy. Especially if you’re not doing anything or if you infrequently get this stuff out or if you’re doing what we’ll talk about in a second. We also have an add on that you can do and it’s our done for you at home. Monthly newsletter, text edition. I love text messages. If you’re on the painter’s weekly, a subscription list, you get our videos by email and text.

I don’t know which one you interact with more, you know that, but we have the text edition and the reason a lot of text messages is because 98% of texts get read versus 22% of emails. They are a little bit more expensive and we’ll talk about that in a second, but it is more engaging. It’s not either or. It’s always all of the above. When you’re following up on your estimates and your sales process, you should be mailing, emailing, texting and phoning. We don’t just rely on phone and email because we’ve got two other ways we can contact people. It’s crazy. You would never paint a house with just the brush, would you? I’m trying to paint the whole house in the brush or I’m just going to try to think the whole house with a roller or I’m gonna try to paint the whole house with a sprayer and never use those tools.

No, you use the tools that work in different situations. When you’re contacting your clients, you don’t know how they’re going to be the most responses. You do it all so and an additional one 47 a month and it’s up to a thousand contacts. Same as with the emails is up to a thousand contacts. If you have more, you can go ahead and buy and we’ll tell you what the addition is. It’s only what we get charged. Okay. We use a a portal service and it just costs more to do text messages than it does email. But we have to do the email in order to do the text. I’m not going to get into the technical details, but it creates an html newsletter that we can send out. We can’t do the text without the email first. Okay. Because if they clicked on it, there’d be no work for them to go.

So with text, if you add them both together, are you ready? You gotta find 2.6 jobs. If you add them both together to break even. Remember the next 365 days, we can’t get to 2.65 jobs. We’ve done some really bad stuff here and you’ll say $50 off if you use that Promo code. Repeat when you go to this link here. So if you do the upgrade Combo, our done for you at home monthly newsletter, email and text edition concierge service is 194 block than dollars. 200 bucks, you’ll waste $200 in paint materials on the next paint job. You’ll be wasting that on every job. You know, probably what a couple of jobs every month. This is money that goes into a good place for $200 you couldn’t get more than seven or eight clicks on the Internet. Google ad words. This is amazingly powerful to communicate to hundreds of people at the click of a button and you don’t have to do much.

It really is. It’s crazy. This is probably, this is the most brain dead simple offer of ever made since I’ve been running the painters academy and I’ve never made that claim before. It’s just so simple to say yes to. And for those of you who sign up today, we will do our famous non-word email blast during onboarding torrents. Talked about how that worked and we’ll do it for you. You don’t even have to do it. We’ll do it for you. And then also for those of you who aren’t APBC members or if you are and you just want to get back on the phone with me for checking call, we’ll do a 60 minute business diagnostic call so you get an hour of my time. Plus we did the nine word email in most cases. I’m going to back up here and then take questions.

For most of you when we do this nine word email, you will make more than enough money to pay for this program for two or three years. No joke. For most of you if you’ve never communicated with your list in the past and maybe even some of you have, so this is a real easy to get your money back in advance in advance. So we back it up with an ironclad 60 day money back guarantee. If you’ve say, we’re not happy, I don’t care what you say, we’re not happy, give me making it up and you’d just be broke so I’m broke, not alive in bad faith, I’ll give you your money back anyway because this stuff works. We’ll give your money back. I’ll take on all the risk personally and so how do I sign up Joel? Simple and you go to painter’s

Repeat I’m showing you a screenshot of exactly what it looks like. You go to this page, you’ll see up here on the top, the apple monthly newsletter email edition. You’ll click the buy now button for the at home, the newsletter text edition, add it. That’s what I would do. And you can do one that’s fine. And I would do because it’s so cheap. And then if you tap and repeat where it says Promo Code and click apply, it’s going to show you a price of one 90 something. Okay, 94 so there’s real simple, real cheap, real easy. So I’m going to go ahead now and take questions on repeat and referral business. If you want to take advantage of the bonuses and the pricing, you’ll need to go ahead and get in there. Now I’m going to ask people that if you have questions to click the raise your hand or click the a question button or the raise your hand button and what I will do is unmute the one and I’ll take the questions. If any of you have to hop off for any reason, feel free, but I’m going to go ahead and take questions live now. I’ve ran over about 10 minutes. I apologize but a, if you’ve got a question, just click the little, raise your hand button and I will answer them. I’ve got Todd and Steve have their hands raised, so I’m going to go ahead and unmute Todd first and then go to Steve. Todd, it’s Brandon Lewis. Glad to have you here bud.

Hey, how are ya man? I’m all, yes I can. Your work is the first time I’ve done a video chat thing on my laptop, so good deal.

I’m glad if you can, if you can figure that out. Yeah,

do, that’s free. So I was writing down some notes and some questions to ask, um, while while you were talking, one was, can you tell me a little like I have a list of former clients so they are solidly people that know me. Um, but it was a little confusing what you meant when you said clean list.

So a clean list is really, if you’ve not, have you communicated with, have you communicated with this list? Uh, via email before?

Um, I have a number of people who I have in a number of people who I haven’t.

So if it were me in that situation, and this is something that John will help walk you through if you go forward with us, I would ex ort what, what are you using to email now? What service?

Um, I don’t, I I’ve just used a Gmail.

Okay. If you just use Gmail, then nobody has unsubscribed anything. And that’s what I mean by clean. Sometimes if you use MailChimp or constant contact and you would take and export all the ones who are still subscribers and the ones who have never gotten an email underneath them in an excel sheet. Very simple. And then you’d give us that list of first name, phone number, email. There’s easily we take the mailing address and everything and try to import it just because it’s good to have in case you ever need it. Or maybe your computer crashes or you lose their contact information. At least we would have it. I see that happen a lot. So if these are past clients and you’ve never ran them through an email system of any sort, then we would just take the entire list.

Okay. Well I will say that I, I have had for bout a year right now. That’s probably I have you signpost. Don’t mean to,

I don’t mean to beat that up, but what you would do then, if you’ve done some post visit, go in and look at the people who have unsubscribed and make sure that you don’t put them back. Send them more stuff. Right. And that’s a shame because really if you do a good newsletter that’s not taking, if it’s not treating them like a human ATM machine, which is what Sam Post does, they won’t opt out as much. They’re happy to hear from you. They feel good about it. It feels personal and folksy and not sellsy, but some post, it’s better than nothing. Like if you weren’t going to do anything, the fact that you did sign post means that you care about your clients and you have this vision of it. But every time I get those I get, there’s a guy, I wish I could almost think of his name. I get all his son post stuff and every time I get it I just cringe because it’s just like gimme, gimme, gimme gimme and I hate that.

The one thing that I haven’t heard you talk about with signpost, when I initially signed up and I gave the, you know, I uploaded to them a bunch of emails and people’s names and email addresses. Um, and there was a little bit of a barrage of, hey, can you please do a review for me on Google or on whatever are right here on signpost. Um, is there anything in any of the newsletters you do, cause that’s good to have people doing those reviews and whatnot. Is that,

yeah, that’s a separate, that’s a completely separate service that we offer. Um, ideally you’re better off putting those people in a cadence, um, once a month that

Once a month, once you do work for them because the further away you get from them purchasing, the less likely they are to do it. Honestly, if you want to get about a 90 some odd percent conversion rate on that, you need to train and incentivize your crew leads to do it. Um, if you do that, I mean your, every job you get like nine out of 10 on, you’ll get a review. Well, maybe not nine out of 10 because somebody will have Gmail accounts, but about eight out of 10 to seven out of 10 you can get without exception. Okay. So that’s an operational issue. If you try to do it after the fact with emails it’s helpful. Um, but I’m always kicked my own legs out from underneath me cause I tell people the truth. You really need to do that operationally in the field and your secondary thing needs to be digital marketing of some sort. It doesn’t need to be the primary thing you do.

Okay. Okay. And do you have like a system for what to say to people out in the field to encourage them to go get a review or,

I actually do have an entire module on that, but that’s more in our traditional service offering. Local in our APBC gold membership side because we have two kind of distinct things. We do traditional marketing and sales and operations and hiring. Almost like a a business school for painters if you will. And on the other side is like our done for you digital services. We do one particular

or two particular things or a combination of things and it’s kind of all a cart and those are to, you know, kind of two different things.

Okay. All right. Um, and do you have anything like that? I’m just curious about, do you also have anything that deals with website?

Yes. And any of your services? We build, we build websites, but I did not talk about that today because I really wanted to just talk about repeats and referrals. So if you want to send me Todd, just an email, Brandon at painter’s Obviously if you’re on this thing, you got it from me and John can do a complete diagnostic of what you’ve got going on and, and he’s blocked me. He’s very straightforward. If it’s good, he’ll tell you we can’t do anything for you. You’re kicking ass here, let’s not throw money away. And if it’s not good he’ll let you know too.

Right. Okay. Cause I haven’t been entirely pleased with the website guy that I’ve been using.

It’s, that’s another conversation. I’d be happy to have it with you offline though.

Okay. Um, the other question I had was what if you’re dealing with a market and, okay, let’s say I live in a, in a town and John, Joe, whatever lives in the same town and we both use your service to send a newsletter for you thing. Do you do anything just to make my newsletter look different from John’s or news?

Yeah, we’ll never, we’ve never done that before and I don’t worry about that. Even with our gold memberships now, we do not set up the same website. We will not do two websites on the same market. Cause you’re, you’re really just competing against another painter in the same city, the same Geo modifiers. We will not do more than one. But on the, the conventional newsletters and stuff like that, it is seriously, like if you repeating in the Atlantic Ocean and our peeing in the Atlantic Ocean, it would not make a difference. Right. It doesn’t, it’s not going to lift the boats. Okay.

It wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be rare. It’d be rare, but

yeah. No it’s not. It is so infrequent that it’s not worth messing with.

What were you saying about not doing something in the same Geo area

without somebody on a website? We will not work with two painters in the same Geo modifier select Chattanooga, Tennessee. If we’re working with somebody in that particular place, we will not work with a second contract or for web services on a website.

Okay. Okay. Well then I can’t,

I hate you plan. I hate to cut you off but if you will find that if you will email me cause you got a lot of questions, we’ll set up some time to talk but I’ve got Steve and a couple other people that have questions I want to try and get to them. All right. Thank you. Awesome dude. Thanks for coming here. You asked some very good questions. Those are some of the best questions I’ve heard in the past so thank you. Uh, Steve McCarthy. Go ahead bud. Steve coming to you live. Can you hear me? You’re unmuted. All right, Steve. Steve must be meeting his own line or something like that cause he’s not coming up. Other questions? Anybody else want to click

the raise the hand button? I will come to you and answer any questions that you might have about this topic that we are covering here and other related ones. I’ll come to you one more time, Steve, just in case. Steve, can you hear me? Steve? Steve, Steve does not want to talk. Let me go to John. John’s got his hand up here. Go ahead John. John Holst attending is muted by an organizer. Click to unmute. Okay, you’re unmuted John and raised for four minutes, John. Okay, John, unclick just saying race apparently didn’t really have questions. Other people on the line, that question, if you’ll just click your hands a hand raise, I’ll come to you.

Anybody have any guys? I’m going to go through here just really quickly and look at the questions to see. Um, so a few questions. So I need to collect email addresses from all of my customers. Yes and no. Um, you’ve probably got some that you can go ahead and send, but you may have cell phones. A lot of people that do not have email addresses have cell phones. So if they have a mobile number, we can do the text newsletter. It’s best to do both and we’ll work with what you have. Sometimes people have sporadic uh, data. Um, probably not a question somebody asked victor past estimates that did not convert to clients. Do you include them as well? If you’re doing them yourself and you’re sending mail and you’ve been doing it, it’s probably okay and something you can get away with. However, the problem becomes deliverability.

If someone is an unconverted lead and they won’t know you or didn’t buy from me, you’re a don’t lock, you don’t have a relationship with you. Sometimes having them on the newsletter list can hurt your deliverability. And if you get too many spam reports then they will shut your account down. So to start with, my advice would be keep it repeats key that B2B referral sources that you really, no, keep it. B and, B, keep it commercial prospects that you really know. And if you’ve got a handful of really low, what I call kick ass potential clients that you just barely missed and you felt like you had a good rapport with them, you might add them, but I’d be real careful that you don’t mess up your whole list. Uh, it says, John says, ah, I’m not so computer savvy. That’s great. That’s what this entire thing is made for. A, you can call up a temporary agency in your area.

Call up one of your friends, a younger person, you can put an ad on craigslist, you got a bunch of paper estimates. You just have somebody sit down and type all that stuff up into excel and send it to us. That’s the whole reason we created this program is for people that don’t have the time and don’t have the talent to do it. So that is that. John, other questions? I’m going to go one last time. If somebody wants to raise their hand and ask a question, otherwise we’re going to close this out. I do not see any other hands up there. There’s some good questions guys. I appreciate you coming on. Uh, this is a very simple, easy way, very low cost, High ROI, virtually zero risk way to generate leads that will close. Uh, I would go to painters I would use the Promo code and I would go, because this is, again, as I mentioned, this is the most brain dead simple offer of no work. Get some money in your bank account that I’ve ever put forward. So I hope that some of you take advantage of it. I’m Brandon Lewis, the painters academy and painters weekly saying, please, for the love of God, communicate with your past clients, generate some repeat and referral business because it is the best way to propel your personal income, reduce risk, and bring predictability to your painting business. Until next time, I’m Brandon signing off. Guys, take care.