Creating Powerful Testimonials for Your Painting Business


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis here.

When you’re selling your painting services or if you’re trying to generate leads, people are looking for persuasive cues and social proof that allow them to feel comfortable with scheduling an estimate or closing a sale. Some of the most powerful strategies and tactics that I teach our owners regarding gathering social proof has to do with testimonials. I could spend an entire hour talking to you about how to assemble powerful proof through testimonials.

But today, I’m just going to talk about three things, and that is how you can collect a video testimonial that actually speaks to the concerns, worries, fears,and frustrations of the clients you hope to serve. You can use these for generating leads online. You can use them for helping website conversions, but you can also use them to help you close the sale. There are three questions you need to ask in succession to get the foundations of your video testimonial library that, hopefully, you turn into a montage.

Here’s the first question.

  • “If you don’t mind, Mr. Customer, please share with me your favorite thing about working with ABC Painting Company.”

Number two, you’re going to ask them,

  • “I know that you have worked with a lot of other painting companies and a lot of other home service companies here at your home or your office. Can you tell me what those experiences were like and how ABC Painting Company is different than your typical home service provider?”

And then, finally, number three.

  • “If you were talking to a friend or a family member and they were looking at two or three quotes and they really wanted to go with ABC Painting but they weren’t sure, what would you tell them?”

Now, these questions are so powerful. A lot of people ask the worst testimonial questions ever, “Rank this on a scale of 1 to 10.” Or another one that I’ve heard is, “Would you recommend us?” Well, when you ask those two questions, all you’re going to get is “9” and “Yes.”

Those aren’t open-ended questions that yield good, fertile ground for a video testimonial, but the other three that I just mentioned are. Number one, when you ask them what they like best, they’re going to bring the very best attributes of your painting business up to the forefront, okay? We have qualified that by asking them to pick one thing out of a lot of things they probably liked.

Number two, we’re asking them to compare us to our competitors, and what you’re hoping for and what you will get about one out of three times is someone will completely throw the painting profession under the bus and talk about all the horror stories and terrible experiences they had in the past and how your company’s different from that.

And then, finally, instead of you trying to convince your clients to choose you and why they should choose you, now, you’ve got an advocate in a current client who’s really happy at the end of the job selling them on you. It’s Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly. Listen. If you’re going to go out and do a sales call, make it your best sales call ever. If you’re going to build a website, make it the best website ever. Don’t just half-ass it. And getting powerful video testimonials is a great way to start that process.

I’ll see you next time.