Building a Successful Painting Company

Our Private Tour Guide John Gave Us All the Details on the ͞Business End͟ of Biltmore

Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly. I’m standing here in front of the Biltmore Mansion, America’s largest home.

Often you will hear people say in the painting industry and folks that own painting businesses, I see this all the time on chat rooms online that, “If you build it they will come.” Guess what, that is not at all the case.

This is America’s largest and probably most luxurious home, and they started tourism to this place in the 1930s. Did you know that it did not break even from a revenue standpoint, until the 1980s. Only when they really got serious with marketing, did they begin to turn a profit under new leadership in the 1990s and then later it really started roaring from a profitability standpoint in the 2000s.

Now they are Asheville’s second largest employer and revenue generator, next to the hospital system. Now so many folks think that if you just do a good job and that if you hang your shingle out with your painting business, that you will be remarkably profitable. The fact is most people go into retirement with a business they can’t even sell when they take that tide.

Instead, the Biltmore of today continuously and constantly markets to its list. That’s why Kristin and I are here celebrating our marriage this weekend and they have tons of service offerings. They are constantly upselling you at every point with premium services, new services, reminding you to come back for annual visits.

Are you doing these types of consistent marketing efforts in your business? Have you built it but they haven’t come? Well this is why. If you really want to learn how to build the type of business that lasts, I would like to encourage you to take the business end of your painting business seriously.

And I’d also like to encourage you to come to the Painting Profit Summit. We are closing registration very soon, we’ve already doubled attendance from last year and we have, to get all the catering information to the hotel, so we’re closing it next Sunday. I think it’s the 14th so if you’d like to register for the Painting Profits Summit, please go ahead and do that because that’s how you build a business.

Register Here: Simply hanging out your shingle and building it, doesn’t necessarily mean that the profits and that the customers will come your way. Often it means that you might have to labor a lot longer than you want to. You can short circuit the process by surrounding yourself with owners who care, who have already succeeded and by getting the strategies and tactics you need, to make your painting business successful.

Until next time, I’m Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly saying if you build it, they will not come unless you invite them in a specific way.

Good luck and I hope to see you at the Painting Profit Summit in Fort Lauderdale Florida, 2018.