Are You “Asking” for Success In Your Painting Business?


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis here. I’m getting ready to leave Galveston, Texas, where I’ve had a wonderful four days at the PDCA Expo, where I was able to raise $49,500 in about 10 minutes because of the amazing generosity of the owners of painting businesses in the room, people that absolutely love this industry, love the fellowship, love the brotherhood, recognize that it’s a real industry.

The reason we were able to double, a little bit more than double, what had been given at the last charitable lunch is because of one simple reason: I asked people, not just once, not just twice, but over and over again in a short period of time. We recognized folks, we got the energy in the room right, and we were able to do something wonderful for the charitable foundation. You see every single person in that room absolutely, positively loves this industry, loves this business. But if they were not asked and if they were not asked in a compelling way, and if it wasn’t made plain to them the benefits of doing it and why it’s important and the merits of it, we wouldn’t have gotten where we needed to get.

Let me ask you, do you problems right now in your painting business that could easily be solved if you would simply ask for help? By asking for help, I mean if you need a painter, why not ask the painters that you see in the paint store if you can take them out to a cup of coffee and ask about their painting career? If you need to break into commercial repaints, why not get your paint store rep together and ask him to go over a list of commercial clients that you want to do work with to see if he can introduce you? If you need referrals in your painting business, why not ask your clients for them in a monthly mailed and email newsletter?

You see, most of the problems that we have in our business come about because we never ask for any freaking help. All the intentions in the world can be on the table, but if you do not ask people to help you, you’re never going to get the results you want. If you’re struggling in your painting business, if you need some help, ask. If I can ever help you with that, let me know. Brandon Lewis reporting to you the last day of the PDCA Expo, about to get on a plane. What a wonderful group of people. The staff did an amazing job. The hotel staff did an amazing job. Hopefully next year you’ll be here with me. I’ll talk to you next week.