Trying to Staff Your Business with “Unemployed” Painters


Hey, I’m Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly where we’re empowering painting contractors to be successful entrepreneurs. Are you trying to staff your painting business with unemployed painters? You may not think you are, but it really depends on where you’re looking. Let me ask you. How many top-notch painters, crew leaders, carpenters, etc., master painters do you think are trolling Craigslist looking for a job every day? They’re not. They’re professional employed. Many of them happy, decently happy. Some of them not happy working for other painting contractors or working for themselves. Professional painters who are worth their salt, who show up on time, who are courteous and respectful, who have lots of skills are not unemployed.

However, so many people are continually and constantly disappointed in the recruitment efforts when they spend all of their time fishing in a pond that only contains unemployed painters, especially during the peak season. If you are fishing in online job board ponds, you’re going to find the worst of the worst, what I call the labor leftovers. Granted, that market gets a little bit better in the winter when the B painters and the C painters get let go, but in most cases, the A painters are still employed or still working. How do you get the A painters? How do you even get B and C painters in the middle of the busy season? It’s simple. You’ve got to go directly after professionally employed painters. That means marketing constantly and continually in and around the paint store. That means in-store conversations.

That means working with your sales reps and your store managers and continuously talking to them about your referral programs. That means doing giveaways. That means doing text to win. That means doing contests. That means having lots of belly to belly conversations. That means talking to painters every time you see them out. That means continuously and constantly putting out messages about how they can improve their career, how they can get paid more money, how they can finally work for a boss who appreciates them, how they can finally be surrounded by employees who are honest and ethical, etc. You cannot staff your business with unemployed painters unless that’s what you’re really looking for. Ask yourself if I was going after professionally employed painters, would I just simply be posting an ad that said help wanted, painters wanted on Craigslist?

The answer’s probably no. If you’re disappointed with your painting results and if you’re catching fish you don’t want, look at where you’re fishing. Until next time, I’m Brandon Lewis saying change the pond you’re fishing in and grow your business quickly.