Are You Playing Texas Hold Em With Your Painting Business?


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis, here at Las Vegas again.

Let me ask you a question: are you playing Texas Hold ‘Em with your painting business?

Let me explain:

Many owners that I get on the phone with act as if they have to play the cards that they’re dealt in their painting business.

If their closing rates are low, they stick with them. If they don’t like their clients, they stick with them. If they’re not happy working with general contractors, they stick with them. If sales have been the same for 15 years, they look at their strategies and their tactics in their painting business and they do what? They hold them. They stick with them. Never taking another card out of the deck to improve their odds.

As you move into the spring repaint season, let me ask you a question: are there aspects of your painting business that you are unhappy with? Are there things about how your business is running that makes you unhappy? Are there situations or problems that make your life miserable?

There’s no need to continuously and constantly hold the same hand. You can trade it in for another one. You can ask for an additional card. It’s not a fixed-card game in your painting business.

There are systems that control what’s going on. And each one of those is like a card. And as you improve the cards in your hand, you’re going to win more money at the table.

I’m Brandon Lewis with Painters Academy and Painters Weekly, here in Vegas saying that you can control the odds if you’ll just get a few new cards. And if I can help you, let me know.

Until next week, take care.