Announcing APPC’s Member of The Year 🏆 and Why He Deserves It!…


At this year’s Painting Profits Summit, I was honored to recognize 27 painting contractors for increasing personal income, closing rates, sales volume, operational improvements, breaking into large commercial repaints and/or a whole host of other accomplishments.

However, there can only be ONE APPC Member of the Year… and here’s how Eric Crawford earned it…

Eric has been very busy since joining the APPC 37 months ago. He has…

*Grown income by 100%
*Increase sales by 260%
*Lifted closing rates from 45% to 52%
*Grew his commercial repaint mix from 0% to 35%
*Went from 6 to 25 painters
*Doubled his online lead with APPC Digital Services
*Extracted himself from most of the day-to-day operations

Those are fantastic accomplishments! However, he didn’t stop in 2019. He grew sales again by 32% and hit the $1,650,000 mark.

But that’s not all. Eric is constantly asking questions about how he can improve.

He is not constantly making statements about what can’t be done, blaming outside circumstances or ducking the “tough decisions.” He pushes past procrastination even when learning and implementing something new is uncomfortable.

He gives back to the APPC membership and mentors owners when approached.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also just a really nice guy and a gem to be around.
So often, we labor in our painting bushiness in utter obscurity.

It’s nice to be able to recognize one of our own for his accomplishments.
Congratulations Eric! We are all proud of you!

I know you’ll be doing even BETTER next year!

Thanks, Brandon Lewis, MBA
Publisher – Painter’s Weekly