Achieving True Independence In Your Painting Business


Hey, guys, it’s Brandon Lewis. I’m pretty darn excited. Behind me is the birthplace of American independence. Arguably, within these walls, the most formative event that has shaped the world transpired right behind me. These men were so hungry for independence that they signed a document at the time, basically their death warrant, putting their families at risk, putting their homes at risk, putting everything at risk for an idea of freedom.

In your painting business, one of the driving factors that probably propelled you to launch was this notion that your business would create for you freedom, independence, independence from want financially, independence from the constraints of a boss telling you what to do, independence from an uncertain retirement date. Are those things coming true in your business? If not, we could probably take an example from the founders, and here are a few takeaways.

Number one, they got together and surrounded themselves with other bright, smart entrepreneurs, philosophers, farmers and statesman. Are you surrounded by people who can mentor you, help you, people who can guide you in your painting business?

Number two, they didn’t just have a notion. They put all of their thoughts and enshrined them in a document, declaring exactly what they wanted, what they wanted to see and the Declaration of Independence. It wasn’t something that they conceived of hastily out of a lot of counsel among each other and looking back at what had worked and what had not worked. They came up with a plan, and, man, was it a fantastic plan.

Have you ever written down what you actually want your business to be, the profitability, what your working hours look like, what the level of stress looks like, who is going to be around you, the type of client you want, the type of employee you want, and then figure out how to make those objectives reality? So often in our painting business, we want independence desperately, but we never even identify the place we want to arrive and when we fail, what happens is we become more dependent on the business. We have less freedom and less liberty. If you’re in that situation, declare your independence today and follow the example of our fathers.

I’m Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Weekly and Painters Academy, hoping that you have all the freedom you want. Got my ticket. Can’t wait to go inside. Talk to you next week.