5 Steps to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions for Painting Contractors


Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis and I don’t know if you can see behind me, but my gym parking lot is absolutely freaking full. And why is this the case when normally my gym parking lot has about half as many cars in it? It’s be it’s New Year’s.

I was standing next to a guy who’s been a member here since 1979. I’ve been a member here for 16 years. And he said, “New Year’s resolution my butt. These jokers won’t be here in three weeks and it’ll just be me and you and everybody else.”

And frankly, the guy is right, because most people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions, because they don’t know how to do it.

So I’m going give you five steps that are absolutely essential if you want to increase your changes of reaching your New Year’s resolution by a few hundred percent. Okay.

Number one. You need to have a deep abiding conviction that what you are doing is freaking important and that you’re gonna carry it through to the end. Okay. That’s number one. You gotta have that.

I get on the phone with business owners who wanna grow their business, have a better life, have something that’s more balanced, and they can’t even convince themselves that they want to succeed. No enthusiasm in their voice, no plan, just well, maybe I wanna make some more money, maybe I wanna to a little bit better while I’m kind of comfortable where I am. That’s no good. I can’t even work with those people and those are the kind of folks that typically will not achieve anything anyway.

Number two. You must have time and often money set aside in a recurring fashion to reach that goal, whatever the resolution is.

If you look at your calendar, next week, two weeks from now, three weeks from now, and if there is not time blocked off and if there’s not a budget for reaching this goal, whatever the goal is, that puppy ain’t happening. Okay? Look forward on your calendar right now, two weeks, three weeks, a month form now. If there’s not time blocked off to work on this goal that you’ve identified as a New Year’s resolution, it won’t happen. Okay.

So far, we’ve got a deep abiding conviction. You wanna really do it. Number two, we have set aside some time and resources.

Number three. You need some structure. Okay. Structure. Hopefully someone has told you how to do it. You’ve bought a book. You’ve joined a program. There’s something where it’s not just you trying to get up in the morning and will it into being or just feel like you want to succeed. Okay. Structure.

You gotta understand what it is you need to do and why you need to do it.

Number four. Tools and resources.

For example, for a workout, it could be a structured workout. It could be some kind of calendar of what you need to do for both your diet and exercise and your business. It can be something like a sales process or a marketing tool kit or an HR tool kit, hiring, whatever it is, recruitment.

You need some kind of tool or resource because if you have to stop and reinvent everything that is required to reach this goal, your butt ain’t gonna get there, in most cases. You’ll run out of gas and energy before you recreate the wheel.

And then finally, the last element that can really get you to where you want to with your New Year’s resolutions quicker is if you get some accountability or some mentorship.

Now, sometimes this can be informal. Sometimes it can be formal. Sometimes it can be one on one. Sometimes it can be group.

I’m about to go into a class right here that starts at 6:00 and it goes to about 7:15 and it is grueling. There will be New Year’s resolution people in this class tonight throwing up, because they will not make it. They will think it’s a little easy class and it’s gonna eat their lunch.

But if I wasn’t in that class, around those people, I would not do as much as I do. I would not push myself as hard. I would not accomplish as much.

So the five elements, if you want to reach your business resolutions, your fitness resolutions, your relationship resolutions in 2019, number one, you’ve gotta have a deep abiding conviction that you really wanna do it.

Number two. You’ve gotta set aside time and money and it need to be on the calendar and in the budget.

Number three. You need some kind of structure or process to follow.

Number four. Tools and resources so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

And then finally, some kind of structured accountability or mentorship.

Sometimes a few of these elements is enough to get you where you’re going. Sometimes you need all five, if you really wanna get there in a big way, quick.

So I wish you the best. I’m running late for this class. I’m gonna go in here. Happy 2019. I hope all of your New Year’s resolutions come true.

If I can help you with those, let me know, and I hope you’ve registered for the 2019 Painting Profits Summit, because if you want to set some time aside and some money to budget for success, to meet some people, and some processes and some systems and some mentorship, all the five elements you need to really reach your goals, all of those will be at the Painting Profits Summit.

I can’t wait to see you there, or give me a buzz. I’ll talk to you anytime. Happy New Year.